Report: Chris Harris has interest from Cowboys, Texans, Raiders, others

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Safety Justin Simmons expects the Broncos to use the franchise tag on him. Cornerback Chris Harris is more likely to hit free agency.

Harris has expressed a willingness to stay put and said that “if they want me back, then I’ll be back,” but the team has taken the stance that it is going to let Harris test the market.

That means, more than likely, he won’t return, as Harris is expected to generate interest.

He ranks 10th on PFT’s list of top-100 free agents, the top player at his position.

The Cowboys, Raiders, Texans, Jets and Lions have expressed interest, Troy Renck of Denver7 reports.

All those teams are looking for corner help, though if the Cowboys can’t afford to keep Byron Jones, it doesn’t seem likely they can afford Harris either.

7 responses to “Report: Chris Harris has interest from Cowboys, Texans, Raiders, others

  1. B Jones will disappoint whoever signs him. He is not bad, but he’s nothing special. Was a good player at his salary cap hit. At a premium he just isn’t dynamic enough. No turnovers no big plays. Just a solid guy. Definitely not a shutdown guy. Or even a turnover guy that “gambles” too much.You can win with him but not because of him.

  2. FYI, Dallas CAN “afford” Byron Jones…if he’s allowed to leave, it’s because he either has an eye on playing elsewhere or because he is going to make more than the team is worth. Why do people still think that teams can’t afford certain players? Even cap strapped teams can always find room if desired, and Dallas’s cap is very flexible right now with little dead money or restructured deals that push salary into the future, plus it has all the cap space it needs at the moment.

  3. specialteamsposter1 says:
    March 2, 2020 at 5:21 pm

    Add Detroit to the list. He’s the guy they are targeting to replace Slay.


    No one wants to play for your dumpster fire squad in Detroit!

  4. Raiders need a vet in the secondary. Harris is old, but is better than what they’ve had of late.

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