Reportedly, Tony Romo’s deal is worth more than previously reported

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Michael Thomas is going to be even more upset.

The Saints receiver bristled at the news that the Tony Romo will make $17 million per year under his new deal with CBS. Andrew Marchand of the New York Post now reports that the deal is worth $18 million per year, over 10 years.

It’s actually $17.5 million per year in salary, with other perks valued at $500,000 per year. Romo’s initial three-year deal with CBS paid out a total of $10 million.

ESPN, which wanted to pursue Romo but never got a chance to officially do so because CBS re-signed him before ESPN could try, has reported that Romo’s new deal covers the next three seasons only, and that the next seven become triggered by a new CBS deal to broadcast NFL games.

If CBS keeps the NFL, CBS keeps Romo. And Romo makes $180 million over 10 years. Or, putting it another way, $40 million more than what Jerry Jones paid to buy the Cowboys in 1989.

Based on the sheer magnitude of the deal, Romo will be facing higher expectations — and greater criticism — than ever before. There will be natural resentment within some media circles, and every mistake or misstatement or “oooooo” and “eeeeeee” will make folks more likely to call him out.

Of course, for $18 million per year over 10 years, getting criticized for mistakes and misstatements and saying “oooooo” and “eeeeee” is a small price to pay.

16 responses to “Reportedly, Tony Romo’s deal is worth more than previously reported

  1. You paying attention Dak? Being an ex-Cowboy QB that never won jack pays well when you are done playing.

  2. Dang, that’s a lot of cash to call a game. 1 mill+ per game. Good work if you can get it.

  3. Good money if you can get it. Capitalism at its finest.

    Why should he be under scrutiny? He’s an analyst with a football background and opinions, he doesn’t affect the outcome of games.

    That said, the media are a catty, backstabbing bunch, and will use their platform (and jealousy) to shame Romo about his value.

  4. Those in the media who are upset about the deal are just salty that Romo is better at the job than they are. Romo makes watching games on CBS more interesting. Congrats, Tony!

  5. I was a big fan of Romo when he was playing, but I don’t care to listen to the games he calls. He’s too eager to jump the play, but at the same time talks like he is disinterested and bored, quite frankly, it’s annoying.

  6. Romo has been such a breath of fresh air, especially compared to his predecessor, Phil Sims. But if I was inclined to criticize him, it wouldn’t have anything to do with how much he gets paid. That’s between him and CBS.

  7. I suspect – strongly – the basis of this contract was laid several years ago when Jerrah convinced Tony to retire and not make waves for Dak or play for another team. A little quid pro quo for being a good (Cow)boy.
    And don’t tell me Jones can’t influence this – he’s going to be front and center when CBS wants that new deal. Dong a favor for his friend never hurts your chances.

  8. The scrutiny is there for every announcer, regardless of the money. I’m sure it will keep Romo up at night…

  9. Envy is a terrible disease contracted by those that usually don’t measure up very well in any area of endeavor. This is often seen exhibited by those posting in complaint about someone like Tony Romo’s deal with CBS. Pure envy. And so what makes them feel better? False criticism. Raging jealousy. It’s really pathetic to witness.

  10. Congrats to Tony ! Always happy to see someone do well and hit the jackpot.
    However, I must say I have never tuned into a game to hear the announcer.
    ( I have turned off the sound when someone was annoying, for instance focusing in on one player and talking about them the entire game)

  11. You go Romo!! Still wish he was still playing, but so happy he is living a dream …. TEAM ROMO ALWAYS!!

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