The Tom Brady lip-reading mystery is solved


He’s didn’t say, “He’s not.” Or “let’s not.” Or “this guy.” (Or “yo yo ma.”)

Enhanced audio has surfaced of the exchange between Julian Edelman and Tom Brady at Saturday’s North Carolina-Syracuse game. Apparently, Brady wasn’t even responding to Edelman says of Brady, “He’s coming back.” Instead, someone asked Brady, “What’d you tell [Syracuse coach Jim] Boeheim?”

Said Brady in response, “He’s got it.”

So there it is. Brady was saying nothing directly or indirectly related to his own future with the Patriots.

Not that this ends the mystery regarding Brady’s future. Surely, he loves every minute of it. When else, for example, during his 20 years in the league has he shown up court side at a college basketball game roughly two weeks from the official start of free agency?