Alex Boone trying to come back to NFL

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Former 49ers, Vikings and Cardinals guard Alex Boone last played in the NFL during the 2017 season, but he still has the itch to play.

Boone has been working with SKOR North in Minnesota recently and made an appearance on the station Tuesday to announce his intention to resume his playing career.

During the discussion, Boone talked about how much he’s been eating in order to put weight back on after dropping it while away from the game. That’s just one part of the process that Boone will have to tackle in order to have a real shot at making it back into someone’s lineup.

Boone started 13 games for the Cardinals in 2017, 14 games for the Vikings in 2016 and 59 games for the 49ers over the previous four seasons.

10 responses to “Alex Boone trying to come back to NFL

  1. redlikethepig

    It’s not always about money Mr. participation trophy guy.

    Maybe just maybe he wants to continue playing the same game he’s played for 25+ years. Maybe…just maybe he misses it.

  2. He has stated on Cleveland sports talk radio that he’s hoping his hometown Browns call his agent. With 3/5 of the OL up for grabs… he’d be smart to sign here.

  3. He had a lot of big talk when he came to Minnesota. His play sure didn’t match his mouth.

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