Greg Olsen to play with DK Metcalf in Seattle after playing with father Terrence Metcalf in Chicago

Greg Olsen Metcalf
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The decision to continue his football career with the Seattle Seahawks had led to a brand new experience for veteran tight end Greg Olsen.

By signing with the Seahawks last month after being released by the Carolina Panthers, Olsen is now teammates with second-year wide receiver DK Metcalf. However, in an interview with the Dan Patrick Show, Olsen mentioned that DK won’t be the first member of the Metcalf family he’s happened to be teammates with during his 14 years in the NFL.

I actually played in Chicago with DK Metcalf’s father. So that’s how old I am/how young he is,” Olsen said. “So this is going to be the first time in my career that I will play with a father and son. His father was Terrence Metcalf. He was one of our offensive linemen in Chicago my first year or so up there and here I am all these years later playing with his kid.”

Olsen was a first round pick of the Bears in 2007 when Terrence was a backup offensive lineman for the team. Olsen and Metcalf played two seasons together in Chicago before Metcalf’s playing days ended. Now 12 years later, Olsen is teammates with the younger Metcalf, who would have been just 11 years old the last time his dad played in 2008.

Terrence Metcalf appeared in 84 career games with the Bears from 2002-08 while starting 25 games for the team.

DK Metcalf in his first season in Seattle caught 58 passes for 900 yards and seven touchdowns.

4 responses to “Greg Olsen to play with DK Metcalf in Seattle after playing with father Terrence Metcalf in Chicago

  1. At least he was part of the Raiders fall out, man did my Raiders get fleeced in the Mack trade. Josh Jacobs and Maxx Crosby are decent players, but will never amount to the production and skill level or value of having a guy like Khalil Mack’s presence alone change their entire defense for the better.

  2. Cool story. How many other times has a guy played with a father and his son? This coming season it could happen when Thaddeus Moss joins the league, but there must be others.

  3. >> Raiders get fleeced in the Mack trade <<

    The Raiders couldn't afford to keep Mack, Cooper, and Carr, so Gruden acquiring that many picks for a single player he couldn't reasonably re-sign was hardly a fleecing.

    The irony is that–should TB12 go to the Raiders–CHI won't be able to get Carr because of Mack's $26.6M cap hit in 2020. Meanwhile, Gruden already has Josh Jacobs at RB plus picks 12 and 19 in the 1st. Meanwhile, Ryan Pace has Mitch Trubisky and no Day 1 picks.

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