Isaac Bruce: Chiefs offense can’t compare to Greatest Show on Turf

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The Chiefs put up huge numbers en route to a Super Bowl last season, with a strong-armed quarterback and a fleet of receivers capable of making big plays at any moment.

But for new Hall of Famer Isaac Bruce, it isn’t even the best offense in the history of Missouri (or presumably Kansas as well).

In an interview with 1480 WHBC in Canton, the former Rams wide receiver said the Chiefs couldn’t compare to the Greatest Show of Turf.

“I think you have a team every year that we can compare to. This year, it’s the Kansas City Chiefs,” Bruce said in an interview at the Hall of Fame. “What I’m asked about the Chiefs is, there are some similarities. They’ve got the speed on the outside from a perimeter standpoint. I think we may have been better at the run game than they are. I think our defense was probably a little bit better than what they had.

“But I always say this: From a personnel standpoint, I think we were better and from a mentality standpoint, I think we were better. “Because what you see with the Kansas City Chiefs right now is pretty much our spring practices where there’s no tackling allowed. What we had, we went up against a totally different gauntlet — guys were looking to take your head off. It was being promoted.”

When he thinks back on the potential of Kurt Warner throwing to him and Torry Holt in today’s climate, along with running back Marshall Faulk, Bruce thinks the modern rules would have made them even more prolific.

“You put us in this era, I don’t think it’s fair,” Bruce said. “It wouldn’t be fair because we had guys who were not afraid to go across the middle of the field, make plays, run slants and be there for the next play to do the exact same thing. Just with the rule change, it’s totally different. I just think we would’ve — it wouldn’t have been fair.”

The 1999 Rams scored 526 points, which they topped in 2000 with 540, before falling to a mere 503 in 2001. The Chiefs managed just 451 last season, though that was without Patrick Mahomes for a few games because of injury.

20 responses to “Isaac Bruce: Chiefs offense can’t compare to Greatest Show on Turf

  1. He’s absolutely right, there’s no comparison at all.

    The Rams had better WR’s and Superman in the backfield.

  2. Defenses were more physical back then. Guess that explains why Bruce and Holt dove to the turf to avoid being hit every chance they got.

  3. The Ravens scored 531 points last year. Seems to me the Ravens had a better offense than both.

  4. We all remember the Greatest Show on Turf with that offense and their multiple Super Bow…..oh wait.

  5. Chiefs have the scarier offense to me. Mahomes seems to always get it done with far less defensive help. Chiefs put up 565 points in 2018, better than 526. It’s tricky to compare eras. Bruce’s era may have been tougher with guys trying to knock you head off, but when they miss, you could have an 80-yarder on your hands.
    In 1999, my Ravens were the first team to get bludgeoned by the Rams. I was in total shock as an unknown Kurt Warner torched us to death in contrast to Scott Mitchell stinking up the joint.

  6. Marshall Faulk is the difference from pretty much any team. Before his body started breaking down, he did things better than pretty much any running back, especially in the passing game.

  7. That Ram offense was an incredible collection of talent and fit, but it’s hard to give them points for “mental” excellence considering how much whining they’ve done about their loss to the Patriots. If anything, that has exposed a weakness in their mental fortitude, which probably explains why that significantly-less-talented Patriots team seemed to catch them off guard in the first half of their Super Bowl contest.

  8. I will never in a million years understand why some guys feel the need to tear down other teams. If you’re that great, you don’t need to do that.

  9. I don’t know how you can even compare it yet as the chiefs have just begun their run. Let history play out a bit before we start to even compare them. Imo, i don’t even like to compare teams from different era’s I don’t think it’s very fair.

    That rams offense came out of nowhere and took the league by storm, incredible in every area. The ten minute ticker couldn’t keep up with them (joke for the old heads). The chiefs team is off to a great start though and look forward to seeing what they can accomplish.

  10. Both lost to the Pats at the end.

    Ps – I know the Chiefs have beaten the Pats since they lost last year

  11. Bruce would be the 3rd WR on KC’s team, 4th if you count Kelce…

    Faulk was what made their offense great.

    If Kareem Hunt wasn’t an alcoholic KC might have won 2 SB’s in the last 2 years.

  12. Guess that explains why Bruce and Holt dove to the turf to avoid being hit every chance they got.

    You are so right! That used to annoy the heck out of me. Especially, Bruce. The only WR in NFL history who could catch 8 passes in a game and not get tackled by the defense. Score 2TDs, run out of bounds on 2 catches and dive on the ground on the other 4!

  13. Different era’s..period. The big difference was the Super Hero Superman RB Marshall Faulk. Imagine the Chiefs with him though! But again its apples & Oranges Both were great but I’ll give the nod to the Chiefs if they can sustain their greatness longer..The Rams had 2/3 GREAT yrs and a couple very good yrs. Two Superbowl appearances 1 win. Greatness is rings period! To be continued….

  14. Isaac speaks the truth. That Ram offense was incredible. Chief offense is dynamic, but not in the same stratosphere as the Rams.

  15. If they can’t compare, why did you turn around in the next breath and compare them? SMDH

    In a one year snapshot the Rams might be better. Over the course of 10 years, this Chiefs offense will be better.

  16. Who cares Mr. Bruce? You had your time, and at that time, I cheered for the fellow Missouri team. But since you feel a need for attention. Where are your fans now? Ill tell you. Many are now Chiefs fans. Even in the height of your greatness, you couldn’t capture the fan base of the Rams to keep the team in St. Louis. Unlike KC, people waited 50 year or in many cases their entire life for this moment. Through thin and thick, this fan base loves their team regardless of you talking down on the offense.

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