Will Jaguars trade Nick Foles?

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Jaguars owner Shad Khan recently called his team’s quarterback situation an “embarrassment of riches.” Which may have been code for “don’t be embarrassed to call us and make a rich offer for one of them.”

ESPN recently suggested that Nick Foles is a candidate to be traded. (Pulitzer.) A source with knowledge of the situation tells PFT that there is indeed interest in Foles, but that no substantive trade talks have happened, yet.

Foles, the Super Bowl LII MVP, has a fully-guaranteed salary of $15.125 million in 2020, along with $500,000 in per-game roster bonuses and a $250,000 workout bonus. Trading him would trigger a cap charge of $18.75 million, the remaining 3/4ths of his $25 million signing bonus from 2019.

Faced with paying Foles nearly $16 million to back up Gardner Minshew II versus paying Foles nothing and eating $18.75 could be a justifiable swap, if the Jaguars have decided to ride with the sixth-rounder who took Jacksonville by storm as a rookie. And the below-market cash payout for 2020 could make the Foles contract attractive.

For a team like the Colts, that could make a lot of sense. With $14.875 million committed to Jacoby Brissett for 2020 (an $8.875 million roster bonus if fully guaranteed), the Colts could keep Foles and Brissett, let them compete, and go with the better guy — confident that whoever loses the competition would be a good soldier. Given that Colts coach Frank Reich got his job in large part due to Foles’ performance in the 2017 playoffs, Foles could have a leg up in the competition.

Last week at the Scouting Combine, Reich raved about Foles in a visit with PFT Live. And the reality is that Foles could be more effective than other options if reunited with Reich. Foles definitely would be cheaper than the likes of Philip Rivers, too.

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  1. Perhaps the real headline should read, “Can the Jaguars trade Nick Foles?”. Given his contract, and the plethora of other free agents available, it would seem the market for Foles will be very small, and teams that would have interest in him would be more likely to wait for the Jaguars to release him, even post June 1 to sign him at a much more advantageous deal rather than have to give up anything for him.

  2. “Will they?” isn’t the right question, “Can they?” is. Imo the answer to that is no, no team is gonna trade for Nick Foles on that contract, because in no way did his play last season warrant 22 mil. The Jags are gonna be stuck with him for another season before they ultimately cut him once his guarantees run out.

  3. Foles isn’t too expensive but I can’t see an acquring team giving up much (anything) since the Jaguars want to unload him.
    Maybe Tampa, assuming they let Winston go?

  4. Foles caught lightning in a bottle for a few games in 2017, but otherwise he’s a non-factor QB. My only confusion is in the Jags thinking Minshew is the guy. Exciting name, exciting mustache…otherwise he’s all hype. Yeesh.

  5. I’m not sure where you guys are getting your numbers for his salary. His salary for 2020 is a very affordable ~$16M. His salary for 2021 is $14.875M along with a $500k per-game roster bonus, a $250k workout bonus and a whopping $5M roster bonus. That $5M roster bonus is guaranteed on the 3rd day of the 2020 league year which means soon it will be guaranteed. The 2021 salary is non-guaranteed.

    The 2021 salary would be the thing that deters a team from trading for him. However, if a QB is in desparate need of a QB that could be a lot less than they would have to pay in free agency to get a decent QB. Some team could take a flyer on him and if it didn’t work out it would only cost them $16M for 2020 and the $5M roster bonus in 2021 because the 2021 salary is not guaranteed. Jameis Winston will probably get more than that and Dak Prescott will probably get much more than that.

    I think the Jags could find a trading partner but if not they could cut him to avoid the $5M roster bonus for 2021. I don’t think they’d get anymore more than a 3rd round pick though. They will have the cap space to absorb the hit after releasing Dareus and trading Bouye. They could also decide he’s worth having Foles as a backup as a mentor to Minshew. It would be an expensive backup.

  6. Foles vs Minshew

    May the better player win!

    My bet is on Minshew, but I don’t see the Jags being a good team.

    The best bet trading Foles is if a starter elsewhere goes down mid season.

  7. Another example of those huge payday, big guaranteed contracts based on a partial season burning a team??

  8. If Foles has shown anything in his career it’s that he’s a valuable backup

  9. I really can’t see Jacksonville trading him to a division rival, let alone to Frank Reich. I feel like they’d take less compensation to trade him to Chicago, Tampa, or New England (if Brady leaves). But hey I could be wrong.

  10. thetooloftools says:
    March 3, 2020 at 4:25 pm


    Exactly – Rivers never even sniffed the Super Bowl.

  11. Seems most of the commenters are taking crazy pills today. Nick Foles >Philip Rivers. Period. Nick won a super bowl and a Jeffery drop from going deeper in the playoffs. I’d be down for a Jeffery for Foles trade, but after watching all or nothing. I don’t think Carson would handle it well.

  12. At this stage in Foles life It’s doubtful he cares little about which team he plays for as long as he is paid.

  13. Dak turning down 100 mil. guaranteed. An 8-8 qb WITH ALL THIS TALENT?

    lol Foles >Dak. Take that friendly contract pair Nick up with this talent and McCarthy!

    Dak is nothing but mouth and average. Pads his game and stats agasint sub 500 teams.

  14. Going off what i just posted, think THINK of the money that we would save for this DEFENSE which is what gets you to the big game. I mean how much better is Dak then Foles? over 20 mil per a year?? I think NOT. Dak is just a driver nothing special, heck Nick is a super bowl winning qb, is dak?

    I want Dak back BUT NOT at the price. he just isnt worth it.

  15. On the bright side for the Jags, they’re paying Foles about $5 million less than the Broncos are paying Joe Flacco and both guys will likely just hold clipboards all of next season barring injuries.

  16. With only a bunch of so-so QB’s available, Cincinnati’s phone should be ringing off the hook. Either that or every scout should be grinding away trying to find this years’ Gardner Minshew. How many times have we seen an elite young QB (Andrew Luck) retired midway through his career? Reich seems to take it all in stride. I’m certain he’d love to reunite with Foles.

  17. Reuniting with Frank Reich would be ideal for Nick Foles. I think Marrone probably reminds Nick of Jeff Fisher. He has been given a raw deal by Jacksonville and deserves to escape. Hopefully, the division rival thing doesn’t dissuade the Jags from doing the right thing!

  18. Uhhhhh so no one is giving up draft picks to acquire Foles.

    More like Jacksonville needs to give someone draft picks to take on his salary.

    What happened in Philly was more a fluke than anything.

    Handing a QB a No.1 seed in the playoffs with a stacked roster isn’t the same thing as earning a No.1 seed through a 16 game brutal schedule.

    Looking at all the playoff caliber teams, none need Foles enough to care if his salary is below average for a starter.

    What’s the opposite of an embarrassment of riches?

  19. How badly would that sting Eagles fans, if Foles were to find success with the Cowboys?

  20. Foles makes sense at Dallas. Really. Kick Dak to the curb. Give up a 3rd rounder. Win the division easy. Foles is no drama. Way too smart, so Jerrah will never do it.

  21. Can an NFL team trade with an XFL team, because that would be the only way he gets traded.

  22. Gardner Minshew had a better rookie season than Russell Wilson, who came into nearly the exact same situation; they recently picked up Matt Flynn in free-agency, and Russell ended up starting for the year. The kid is a 6th round rookie and was 3,000+ yards and better than a 3:1 TD to INT ratio in 14 games. That alone should give him the opportunity to start with a full year under his belt.

  23. Saint Nick was a backup until Wentz got hurt. Then Nick went on a little winning streak and ended up with a SB MVP. And congrats to him!

    But never forget, he was & still is, a backup QB.

  24. What are you all smoking??? Foles has a better winning percentage that Eli Manning, who will likely be in the HOF, and he won a Super Bowl. He gets hurt in the first game and doesn’t get a chance to play himself back into shape because the Jags let the fans pick their QB!! Foles is really an underappreciated talent…give him some talent around him, play to his strengths and for goodness sake STICK WITH HIM!

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