Dolphins appear content with Ryan Fitzpatrick rather than free agent pool

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The Dolphins are obviously in the quarterback market.

But that apparently only extends to the 2020 NFL Draft.

According to Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald, the Dolphins appear settled in with Ryan Fitzpatrick as the bridge starter/veteran mentor to whatever young quarterback they end up drafting.

With so many quarterback options available in free agency, it seems the Dolphins could upgrade if they chose to tap into that market. Fitzpatrick was able to outperform former first-rounder Josh Rosen and claim the Dolphins job as his own last year, but he led them to five wins in his 13 starts. That was enough to keep them respectable late, but it also pushed them down the draft order, complicating their ability to draft the one of their choosing.

And with such an emphasis on drafting their eventual starter early (presumably either Tua Tagovailoa or Justin Herbert), the indications are they’re content to pay Fitzpatrick the $8 million he’s due this year to hold the same role.

They’ve successfully convinced people they’re not involved in the Tom Brady chase, but apparently aren’t interested in any of the many other available options either.

10 responses to “Dolphins appear content with Ryan Fitzpatrick rather than free agent pool

  1. The Dolphins did make two great personal decisions last year. Hiring Coach Flores and bringing in Ryan Fitzpatrick. Together they were able to establish a culture from which they can build on. It’s now up to GM Chris Grier to make the necessary decisions and bring talented players in who will help this franchise become playoff contenders again. Fitzpatrick was the perfect leader to have in their locker room. He kept that team upright and competitive, especially down the stretch and he showed the players they can have fun while playing the game they get paid to do. With the Bills trending upward, New England being New England and the Jets continuing to add pieces to their rebuild, I think the AFC East can once again be one of the toughest divisions.

  2. Outside of landing Brady for marketing reasons, Fitzpatrick is with in the margin of error on anyone the Dolphins could bring in. Tannehill isn’t/wouldn’t come back, Bridgewater is still an enigma to give a big long term deal to, same with Taysom Hill. Phillip Rivers isn’t better than Fitzpatrick at this point in his career. Jameis Winston is the same guy but younger and costs more, but a much worse locker room presence. Maybe if Dak finagles free, but even then, Dak’s been more above average than great and Fitzpatrick is average at this point. Keenum? Not gonna do anything that Fitzy can’t. Mariota? The Dolphins don’t need another guy that can’t stay healthy and isn’t very good even when he is. He needs to be coached up, which brings me to my next point…

    The Dolphins have shown no ability to groom or develop a QB in the past 20 years. At least they’ve generally tried with cheap draft picks and not with expensive free agents. There is no finished polished QB on the market with years left to play. They’re either almost 40 and have a year or two left, or late 20’s and still need a lot of coaching up.

  3. Heck, if Josh Rosen was in this draft he’d probably be rated right behind Burrow. If Dwayne Haskins was in this draft he’d probably be rated right there with Tua. And Washington might be looking to replace Dwayne Haskins already? Those are two first round picks from only a couple years ago. Now here we go with a new crop of QB’s. Which ones are going to be the Haskins and Rosen from this years crop? Also, who’s going to be the Gardner Minshew? It would be interesting to know what goes into the evaluation process because I’d say that might need to be tweaked.

  4. The Dolphins either draft a good QB in 2020 or they are set back another few years.

  5. A few years back Rick Spielman was the GM. His incompetency hurt the Dolphins for years.
    I hope Chris Grier will be a better GM. This draft will tell

  6. My only hope (request) for the Fish this year is that they use all 3 first round draft picks. I don’t want them to move up, just stand their ground at 5 and take Tua or Herbert or even Jordan Love and use the other first rounders on offensive line, defensive line, cornerbacks, etc.

  7. Am I the only football fan who can imagine Miami not drafting a quarterback?

  8. The Fins could make the playoffs by NOT drafting a QB this year. A ton of free agent O-lineman are out there and they can draft well for both defense and offensive lines

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