George Kittle seems to weigh in on #Jimmytommy talk

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Sparked apparently by Deion Sanders and fueled by reports from those who believe there’s something to it, the possibility of Tom Brady joining the 49ers has caught fire this week. 49ers tight end George Kittle seems to be turning a hose on it.

Let’s run it back 10,” Kittle tweeted on Wednesday afternoon, with a link to an Instagram photo of Kittle and current 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo.

As previously noted, 49ers running back Jeff Wilson has been more pointed, saying that the talk of Brady supplanting Garoppolo is “ludicrous.”

While both players, along with the rest of the team, have the right to say whatever they want, the team ultimately will do what it thinks is in the best interests of the franchise. If (and that could be a big if) coach Kyle Shanahan decides that Brady is the right guy for the job, Shanahan will explain it to the players, and they’ll either get behind it or they won’t.

Kittle, whose love of football is as obvious as it is infectious, surely would get behind it. He may not like it, but he’d get behind it.

Still, it will be a delicate situation. Far more delicate than it was for the Vikings in 2009, when Brett Favre supplanted Tarvaris Jackson. That move supposedly sparked a “schism” in the locker room, and then the Vikings went to the NFC Championship thanks to Favre, where they narrowly missed making it to the Super Bowl (also thanks to Favre).

The challenge for the 49ers will be explaining to the players that a guy who took them to the Super Bowl needs to go. That doesn’t happen very often. But a guy with six rings being available never happens, and the application of truth serum surely would result in some of them admitting that, if Brady not Garoppolo had been the quarterback in Super Bowl LIV, the parade that happened in Kansas City would have happened in another town with two words in its name.

7 responses to “George Kittle seems to weigh in on #Jimmytommy talk

  1. Brady wouldn’t have stopped the Chiefs from scoring 21 points in the last half quarter of the game.

  2. Players don’t want it and both Shanahan and Lynch said Garoppolo was their guy last week at the combine. Only reason this is still a story is because some don’t listen or ignore what is being said. Curran said last night he was just throwing opinions out and there is nothing more to it than that. Brady really doesn’t have much of a market. It’s really just the Pats and Titans realistically.

  3. Every player is going to say their quarterback is the guy they want, right up until the moment a better quarterback is acquired.

  4. Maybe ‘that other town with two words in its name’ is Green Bay if Brady is the 49ers quarterback. All kinds of hypothetical outcomes when you play ‘what if.’

  5. What is Shanahan & Lynch supposed to say? One guy is under contract as of now for the 2020 season and one guy isn’t. What if the Niners wanted to bring Brady on & made it public but it turns out he goes to the Titans or back to NE and had to keep with Jimmy G? Don’t you think that would be a little awkward? Overall, you’re probably right & this is probably just being floated by Brady’s camp but time will tell

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