Jeff Wilson calls idea of Tom Brady for Jimmy Garoppolo “ludicrous”

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Some 49ers players obviously have heard the speculation of Tom Brady to San Francisco. Not surprisingly, they have thrown their support behind Brady’s former backup, Jimmy Garoppolo, who started for the team in Super Bowl LIV last month.

Tight end George Kittle posted a celebration picture of himself with Garoppolo without comment on Instagram.

Running back Jeff Wilson Jr. was a little more pointed in his support.

It’s ludicrous,” Wilson said of Brady replacing Garoppolo as the 49ers’ quarterback, via Jose Luis Sanchez III of Sports Illustrated. “He just took us all the way to the Super Bowl, great season, 14 wins. I mean there’s not a lot of quarterbacks that’s even in this league that just had a season like that. And then you go from that season taking a team all the way to the Super Bowl, to talks of being traded?

“He’s a great quarterback. He’s been that way ever since he’s been to San Fran. It’s just unfortunate that he got hurt the year before and then kind of, you know, threw him back in the wilderness a little bit, but he came right back in like he never left and took a team all the way to the Super Bowl, so how can you talk about moving him? Or trading him to another team?”

Garoppolo, 28, had a comeback-player-of-the-year type of season, though he didn’t win the official award. He threw 27 touchdowns, 13 interceptions and posted a 102 passer rating.

But the fourth quarter of Super Bowl LIV drew criticism and questions as he went 3-of-11 for 36 yards and an interception. The 49ers gained only 59 yards in blowing a 20-10 fourth quarter lead.

General Manager John Lynch and coach Kyle Shanahan repeatedly have expressed support for Garoppolo, whom Wilson called the team’s “leader.”

10 responses to “Jeff Wilson calls idea of Tom Brady for Jimmy Garoppolo “ludicrous”

  1. Yes, this is NOT happening. It is down to three teams realistically. The Raiders, the Chargers and the Patriots.

  2. LOL Jimmy G didnt not take you guys to the big Game, that would’ve been your D and that beast of RB you guys got.

  3. It does defy logic in several ways. Not only would you have to be 100% certain the younger guy could NEVER lead you to a Super Bowl–something that was very nearly disproven this past year if not for questionable coaching–but you’d also have to be nearly 100% sure the older guy COULD lead you to the promised land within a window of the next 2 years. If either of those is not a certainty, then the deal makes no sense.

  4. Jimmy G was good in every statistic except INT’s. I would be interested to know how many of those were tipped by his WR and how many were just bad throws/reads in his part.

    Bringing in a 43 yo Brady is not the way forward for the Niners.

  5. He’s not a great qb. And Shannys usage of him suggest something other than trust and being behind him.

  6. I think it is the Pats or the Raiders. Pats for the obvious reasons and Raiders because we all know the fetish Gruden has for QBs. The others don’t make much sense for me. Why pay $30M for a QB that is way past his prime? How long do you sign him so he can be a problem for you next his play falls off but he wants try again.

  7. If nothing else the speculation about Tom is doing Jimmy a solid by “Jimmy’s value” as a topic of conversation. The 49ers are rallying behind their QB.

  8. I am shocked Chicago is never mentioned as a destination. I think Tom relishes the chance to beat Aaron Rodgers twice a year.

  9. 27 and 13 is nothing special in today’s NFL with the way rules are geared towards passing. Especially considering 8 TD’s came against AZ defensive and 3 against Bengals.It appeared to me Shanahan’s questionable play calling seemed to have something to do with not trusting his QB.

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