Julian Edelman selling “Stay Tom” merchandise

Getty Images

Tom Brady isn’t the only one poised to cash in when he hits free agency. Julian Edelman will, too.

Edelman, the longtime Patriots receiver and close friend of Brady’s, is selling merchandise on JulianEdelman.com designed to promote keeping Brady in New England. The shirts, posters, mugs, yard signs and other materials look like campaign props, reading, “Stay! Tom 2020: A quarterback you can trust.”

How much is Edelman making from the $29.99 apparel? We don’t know, but Brady is in on the gag. He tweeted, “How much do we make on our Julian Edelman merchandise? I assume this all evens out?”

Brady is taking his time about deciding whether to stay in New England or go elsewhere, and he seems to be enjoying the attention that his decision is getting. Edelman is enjoying it, too.