Kyle Smith thinks Derrius Guice could play similar role to Christian McCaffrey

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With Ron Rivera bringing several former Panthers assistants with him to Washington this offseason, it seems likely that there will be some similarities between this year’s team and Rivera’s Carolina teams.

One of the starring attractions of the most recent Panthers teams has been running back Christian McCaffrey. McCaffrey thrived as a runner and a receiver under Rivera and offensive coordinator Scott Turner’s job would be easier with someone who could mimic that kind of production out of the backfield.

During the Scouting Combine, Washington vice president of player personnel Kyle Smith was asked if he thought the team had anyone capable of doing so.

“I do believe Derrius Guice has an opportunity,” Smith said, via the team’s website. “He can do all of those things.”

What Guice has not been able to do in his first two NFL seasons is remain healthy. He’s played in only five games due to knee injuries and matching McCaffrey’s durability will be a necessary step for him to make anything of the opportunity Smith thinks he has in front of him.

10 responses to “Kyle Smith thinks Derrius Guice could play similar role to Christian McCaffrey

  1. Not sure how that’s possible when Guice is perpetually injured. Maybe he can do all things McCaffrey can do if McCaffrey were forced to play in a wheelchair.

  2. Yeah right, Guice gets hit with a gust of wind and tears something. Then, instead of hitting the tub, he hit’s Bar Louie.

  3. I really like Guice, but if Bryce Love is healthy and looks good, Guice may not even make the roster if he can’t stay healthy during camp and the pre-season.

  4. I didn’t realize Christian McCaffrey spent most of his career in a hospital bed …

  5. Derrius Guice is a terrific football player. All fans here in Washington – fingers crossed for a healthy Guice moving forward!

  6. Sounds more like a new GM talking up a player and cleaning up the mess of the previous regime hoping to trade the very often injured dead weight for a draft pick off to some other not-so-bright GM instead of just cutting him to clear a roster spot.

  7. If he can stay healthy, Guice no doubt can be a beast. Unfortunately, that’s a big “if”.

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