Panthers trade Trai Turner to Chargers for Russell Okung

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The Panthers and Chargers have agreed to a swap of Pro Bowl offensive linemen.

The Panthers will send five-time Pro Bowl guard Trai Turner to the Chargers for two-time Pro Bowl left tackle Russell Okung, Cameron Wolfe of ESPN reports.

The trade won’t become official until the start of the league year.

Turner, 26, is younger, has more Pro Bowls and played seven more games than Okung did in 2019. But Okung plays left tackle.

Turner plays right guard.

Okung, 32, missed the first half of last season with a pulmonary embolism before a groin injury kept him out the final two games. He played only six games.

Turner, who signed a four-year, $45 million contract extension in 2017, has an $8.5 million salary for 2020 and a $12.9 million cap hit. Okung has a $13 million salary and a cap hit of more than $16 million for 2020.

Okung will reunite with former Chargers offensive line coach Pat Meyer in Carolina.

29 responses to “Panthers trade Trai Turner to Chargers for Russell Okung

  1. If I’m Austin Ekeler, I’m quite happy about this as Turner is one of the better run blocking interior linemen in the league. If the Chargers don’t bring in a vet QB, they’ll be relying heavily on their run game to bring along the development of a young QB.

  2. Outstanding trade for the Bolts. Get younger and arguably better OL in a straight up swap. Way to go Tommy!

  3. I’d much rather have the 4 time prowl guard who is making less than the 2 time pro bowl tackle who is 6 years older.

  4. edenprairieballer says:
    March 4, 2020 at 6:26 pm
    I’d much rather have the 4 time prowl guard who is making less than the 2 time pro bowl tackle who is 6 years older.
    Agreed, and the LT has injury concerns.

  5. Okung always has been less player than anticipated, but better than rated by the pundits. He will help the line and probably redo his contract to extend a few years on lesser annualized cap hit, if offered. He was his own agent, so no middle man to get advice from, that I’m aware.

    This will be better for SD in the long term, but makes sense for Panthers in getting a quality left tackle that, if nothing else, they might be able to trade down the line.

  6. Weird trade.

    You’d think the Chargers would’ve lost some leverage by virtue of the fact that Okung wanted out and any trade partner could push the Chargers to sell low just to get whatever they could. Instead the Panthers throw back a guy who’s been to 5 straight pro bowls and is only 26. There more this that I’m leaving out?

  7. Not taking anything away from Turner but he made the pro bowl 3 times as an alternate/replacement… For Carolina it allows them to get a solid LT at below market value, & they just drafted Little in the 2nd round last year who could move to guard of need be.. Win/Win for both teams

  8. Turner having some off field issues we don’t know about? If not, this is hard to understand

  9. Panthers haven’t had a decent LT since Gross retired. But if Okung isn’t healthy, then this trade won’t stop that trend

  10. Crazy scratch your head deal here. Unless you put the influence of a dumb new owner and a below 500% college coach into the fray, and you get a bad deal for the Panthers.

  11. Is Carolina going to trade Christian McCaffrey next?

    I thought the goal when you’re tanking is to get draft picks…

  12. This is the biggest head scratcher of a deal Carolina may have ever made. Carolina has NEVER in its entire history had an over abundance of quality offensive linemen and to trade a young, quality starter for an older LT who’s been injury prone and if I recall correctly a bit of a locker room lawyer/malcontent in recent years – makes absolutely ZERO sense unless they’re getting some draft compensation that hasn’t been reported yet.

  13. Is this move by the chargers..a prelude too a bigger move like Brady?? All the sports journalists say their OL would give him pause, now it just got a lot better.

  14. Okung is injury prone and he’s only getting older. Good deal for the Chargers as they get younger and an instant upgrade to the OL.

  15. ezpkns34 says:
    March 4, 2020 at 7:32 pm
    Panthers haven’t had a decent LT since Gross retired. But if Okung isn’t healthy, then this trade won’t stop that trend.
    You mean since Dave Gettleman came in, alienated all the players and forced 2/3 of the starting OL into retirement. Now he’s off to NY to fix their franchise.

  16. This is a statement about how much more valuable a tackle is than a guard in today’s NFL

  17. They draft back to back. Chargers will take one of those solid LTs probably. I kinda doubt the Panthers will take a guard in the first round, but possibly in the second.

  18. If they can get Daryl Williams to play RG, I think this is a good trade. Trai only makes the pro bowl as an alternate and honestly I don’t think he deserved to go the last two years (only got credit for CMC’s handiwork). So Williams resigning at half of what turner would make and sliding over to guard to allow them to bring in the first decent LT in six years makes it sensible. Maybe Little can play LG in the meantime and Okung can restructure for more years with less hit? Either way, it’s nice to see a regime concerned with protecting Cam’s blindside.

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