Ryan Tannehill: It’s gonna be an exciting couple of weeks

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Ryan Tannehill knows how he’d like things to play out over the coming weeks.

Tannehill said on SiriusXM NFL Radio that he likes what he started with the Titans last year and likes his teammates, so he’d choose to continue starting at quarterback in Tennessee. The Titans have been mentioned as a potential suitor for Tom Brady, however, and that leaves Tannehill to play “the waiting game” for at least a little while longer.

“We’ll see,” Tannehill said. “It’s gonna be an exciting couple of weeks no matter what happens.”

Tannehill said he learned about the need to remain patient because his “hands were tied” when the 2019 offseason got underway. He was under contract to the Dolphins, but knew he wasn’t going to be playing there and was unable to talk to other teams.

He was eventually traded to the Titans and helped the team to the AFC Championship Game after supplanting Marcus Mariota as the starter. Whether this year’s spin of the quarterback carousel will work out as well for Tannehill is one of many questions that will start to be answered later this month.

6 responses to “Ryan Tannehill: It’s gonna be an exciting couple of weeks

  1. You aren’t getting anything with Brady that you won’t get with Tannehill at this point in their careers. They go with Brady their window of winning goes to 1 year. Brady doesn’t have much left which is why this even being talked about. Unless you can’t sell tickets Brady doesn’t make any sense for a team. Great career but the days of him carrying a team are over. Happens to everyone.

  2. At 43, Tom Brady is not lifting the Titans any further than they have already been. They need to keep Tannehill, add another WR and someone to compliment DH.

  3. Ryan, you were only good, because you had Derrick Henry. If it weren’t for him, you would have been shredded.

  4. Guru doesn’t have much support. Neither does TB12 in Titan Town. Tannehill will be fine in Nashville at a fair salary. No one wants a GOAT to be their QB here!

  5. Hes gonna be a clip board holder he only played last year cause the Mariota fell flat on his face !

  6. Those who say Ryan was only good because of Henry seem to miss that this can be said of all pro Qb’s in the league. Except Lame from Baltimore. Lame is a running back and he only helps himself until he is reduced to being the only player who gets to touch the ball like in the playoffs.

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