Amari Cooper: I want to be a Dallas Cowboy for life

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Amari Cooper‘s future is very much in doubt.

The Cowboys may or may not have a franchise tag and a transition tag to use with both Dak Prescott and Cooper scheduled to become free agents. They want to keep both players but face the prospect of Cooper hitting the market.

Cooper, though, repeated Thursday what he has said for the past year: He wants to stay with the Cowboys.

“I love being a Dallas Cowboy,” Cooper said Thursday night on 105.3 The Fan. “I think about it almost every day. Just the aura of being a Dallas Cowboy, you can’t beat it. I want to be a Dallas Cowboy for life.”

Cooper also said last season was the toughest he’s had in regards to injuries, but he’s fully healthy now and working out.

He spent much of 2019 on the injury report, with injuries to a foot, a quadriceps, an ankle and a knee. Cooper played in every game, making 79 catches for 1,189 yards and eight touchdowns.

35 responses to “Amari Cooper: I want to be a Dallas Cowboy for life

  1. Translation:
    “I want to be a Dallas Cowboy for life, with a 7-year $165M contract with $110M guaranteed”.

  2. His quotes made me throw up a little in my mouth. WANTING to be a cowboy for life, despicable. Enjoy those perennial 8-8/9-7 type seasons Amari

  3. Amari probably doesn’t want to be with a 3rd team in a four year span. That’s not a good look, so he should take a team deal and sign with Dallas. Let’s see how much he loves the Cowboys. Or he can be one of those guys who end up playing for eight different teams.

  4. What is the “aura” of being a Cowboy for the last 26 years? I guess he loves being mediocre at best.

  5. If that’s what he wants, maybe he could ask the owner of the team to negotiate his contract on his radio show in the media, like he does for everyone else….

  6. Too late to be a Cowboy for life. Maybe …rest of my career….but can’t go back and change your past.

  7. He’s the anti-diva; he’s handled his business with class so far in his career. Getting traded- no drama. Being made to play out his 5th year option- no drama. Props to him, I hope he gets a phat contract and has a great career going forward.

  8. Translation – Please pay me Jerry I know you’re the only owner stupid enough to make me the highest paid wide receiver in the league, so I’m saying all of the right things so that I can get paid…Now pay me

  9. He wants to be any team for life that pays him to a long term huge contract. I wish that was one thing that the new CBA could accomplish…incentives for players staying with teams. One thing I hate about the NBA is how players bounce around so much. It forces fans to be fans of a players and not of a team – which is lame.

  10. Sounds like a guy who’s agent whispered this draft is WR rich and the FA market for WR is not going to break the bank for him.

    Doesn’t seem to be a whole lot of press floating around how teams are going to make a strong push for AC.

    So his agent has got him greasing Jerruh with the Cowboy for life pitch.

  11. Cooper is saying all the right things giving the Cowboys no reason not to reset the WR market withi him. Make no mistake though, he wants to go to the highest bidder and if Jerry doesn’t want him to hit the open market, that is what it will take.

  12. Who wouldn’t want to play for the Cowboys?? Owner who wants to win, most popular football team in America, huge exposure, top rate facilities, and fans that are incredibly passionate.

    A Cleveland fan…..

  13. His future is “very much in doubt”…except that he’ll probably sign an extension as the opening of the legal tampering period for free agents approaches. The two sides are likely simply hashing out the details, but deadlines make deals.

  14. Yeah who knows if they even want him truly anymore. He has all the talent in the world but it just doesn’t show up every week. He was amazing at home and terrible on the road last year. The Cowboys coaching staff benched him in the most important game of last year. That should kinda tell you enough

  15. I wouldnt pay Cooper long term this season but only because the draft is freaking loadddded at WR. Just franchise tag Cooper and draft a couple more receivers as this draft is LOADED AT WE and that would be a much better use of resources.

  16. “I want to be a Dallas Cowboy for life.”

    The rest of the quote was “as long as they pay me what I think I’m worth.”

  17. The Great/Winning teams don’t throw a lot of money at the WR position.

    The Rule changes alone allow ‘Good’ WRs to put up huge numbers.

    Dallas would be well served letting him walk, paying Prescott, getting a Good WR in FA, and drafting a guy in Round 1 or 2. There are close to 30 Highly Graded WRs in this draft.

    Michael Gallup is also coming along and will go into Year 3 next year.

    Cooper is a very productive WR, but I would just not construct my team that way.

    WR is the deepest position out there by far. So many Stud athletes playing the position.

    And this is coming from a GIANTS fan.

  18. Just depends on how much money Dak demands. Dak wants upper tier money and Jerry is going to give it to him. Dak has to have everything in place just right to win football games.

  19. After the way he quit on them in the last game against the Eagles to make the playoffs…why would they pay all that money to keep him? You’ve already got a stud 1000 yard caliber receiver on the other side in Gallup.

  20. “I love being a Dallas Cowboy,” Cooper said Thursday night

    Translation: “Dak is mediocre but please don’t send me back to Derek Carr”

  21. The Cowboys should be showing that ball bouncing off his face mask video on a loop while talking about his contract.

  22. This is ” Athlete Speak ” Translation : I want as much money as I can get.

  23. Amari Cooper: I want to be a Dallas Cowboy for life. First press conference after signing with a different team: I always wanted to be here.

  24. Redskins need a #2 wideout. He’d be a perfect fit for Kasins development along with Mclaurin and Sims.

  25. I hear the Cowboys offer on the table makes him a top 5 paid WR in the league. Just sign the deal.

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