NFL has no plans to alter tag deadline

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The NFL adjusted the 2020 tag window by two days to accommodate the CBA discussions and deliberations. The window now closes before the vote on the new CBA concludes. And the NFL’s current position is that there will be no further adjustment of the tag deadline.

“No plans to change date,” NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy told PFT in response to the question of whether the closing of the tag window would be adjusted from 4:00 p.m. ET on Thursday, March 12 to, for example, 4:00 p.m. ET on Friday, March 13.

The tag window has particular relevance this year because, under the current CBA, teams can use a franchise tag and a transition tag. Under the new CBA, teams will be permitted to use one or the other.

It’s possible that, for teams that use both tags, the league would then direct them (if the CBA is ratified) to pick one or the other. It’s also possible that teams will use only one tag anyway, assuming that the CBA will be ratified.

The issue has particular relevance for teams like the Cowboys and Titans. Both have two key free agents (Dak Prescott and Amari Cooper in Dallas, Ryan Tannehill and Derrick Henry in Tennessee), and both would surely like to use the franchise tag on one and the transition tag on the other.

7 responses to “NFL has no plans to alter tag deadline

  1. The overuse of these tags are what’s driving up the price of these average players…

    Use the Captain Kirk example…He was prepared to play for the Redskins for 20-22 million a year…Insteada paying him…the Redskins franchise him a 2nd time…now the 2nd tag made his value no less than 25 million a year…a 3rd tag would’ve made him worth more than 30 million per year…He settled with Vikings for less than the 30 mil per year but also got a fully guaranteed contract…

    Had the Redskins just paid him the first time…Kirk would be a 22 mil per year QB…but multiple tags made him worth 27 mil per year…and drove up the price on several other mediocre QBs…like Ryan or Garropolo…


  2. @my old name – you obviously don’t know how contracts work and the value of franchise tags. They weren’t going to commit to cousins as a long term QB whether is was 30 mil or 22 mil a year. They used the tag to buy themselves some time. That’s all. The tag hurts players more than it helps

  3. I think theres about a zero percent chance the Titans want to or would put either tag on Tannehill. No one is beating down his door hoping he becomes their starter.

  4. If the vote has not concluded, and a team uses both tags, and THEN the new CBA is ratified, I would say the team could use both tags for the year because they were applied under the old CBA. Unless the new CBA has language about being retroactive to decisions made in the days, months, years before it was ever signed.

  5. I would say the biggest change needs to be you cannot tag a player more than once.

  6. The tag benefits the owners and the second tier free agents. Teams aren’t letting truly elite players walk the vast majority of the time so the good but not great players get true market value with multiple teams bidding for their services.

  7. Just use a little exit polling to know how its going.Once they know its more than half go with the new rules.

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