NFLPA may start voting on CBA today

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The NFL Players Association is close to being ready to put the proposed Collective Bargaining Agreement to a full vote of all active players.

A league source tells PFT that the vote could start as soon as today.

The final draft of the CBA was finished at 2 a.m. after long hours of work among lawyers for the union and lawyers for the owners. Now the players can see the full CBA and decide whether to accept or reject it.

Voting is conducted electronically, and requires a simple majority of voters for ratification. There are about 1,900 union members, but just as in politics, not everyone chooses to vote. With the players seemingly divided about whether or not the CBA is a good deal, both those who want to pass the CBA and those who want to reject it will be engaging in voter turnout efforts, trying to get their sides to take the short time it will take to get online and cast their votes.

8 responses to “NFLPA may start voting on CBA today

  1. I really expect the NFLPA rank and file to approve this deal. It is a huge win for them even if the Top 1% are whining.

  2. Robert Zak says:
    March 5, 2020 at 9:07 am
    So now the players will decide if it’s their safety or their wallets.
    Right now the game safer than it’s ever been, so if safety is such a huge concern to the individual player, they should go into banking or stock investment instead of playing football. Most players have played the game since grade school and know what to expect,plus they’re not forced into playing…..

  3. The Players should say No and vote this down … As Ron Borges outlined in his article on talkoffamenetwork/ … yes the players will make a little more money, possibly as much as 230 million dollars but the owners will rack up far more when the tv and streaming negotiations are done, which projects to BILLIONS, for the owners. The players need to get more of that pie !

    Not only that, but you have added games including the postseason. Thursday night football will also stay in place, though an injury possible nightmare.
    The Owners also want players to accept split contracts, that pay a higher minimum for playing games and staying healthy. Injury/ or inactive for games will reduce the contract even further, since they will never accept guaranteed contracts. And continue franchising up to two players a year. Also, the owners want to reduce the amount of pension/retirement benefits a player receives, based on the players Social Security benefits. The more from Social Security the less from the NFL pension.
    This is PETTY and INSANE !

    The top players are complaining because they read the fine print of this contract because it affects players who play longer but the lower level players have no choice because they desperately need the money and couldnt survive a strike.
    They players need to negotiate a better deal or strike, because these owners are so arrogant, they dont believe the players can do it. However, this money monopoly called the NFL needs to be shaken to the core and only the players, with the fans behind them, can do it. If the fans get mad, take it out on the owners by not going to games or watching on t.v. Hopefully the owners will lower demands, prices and everything else across the board.

  4. Robert Zak says:
    March 5, 2020 at 9:07 am

    So now the players will decide if it’s their safety or their wallets.

    Give me a break! It’s life or death for soldiers or cops. Boxers get hit in the head continually. It’s a CONTACT sport! If it’s that dangerous then just don’t play!

  5. Only in the NFL can employees demand to make as much as the owner of the business ,it’s ridiculous,players are greedy take the deal!

  6. nflhistorybuff68 says:

    The Players should say No and vote this down …

    Unions were first formed to help genuinely abused workers. Unions today are nothing more than legalized extortion

  7. The players will vote to accept the deal, and then immediately after it’s ratified they’ll be complaining about how the owners got everything they wanted, and the commissioner still holds too much power, and I for one will be laughing in their faces. They LOST the last CBA negotiations, and then they voted to keep the same guy who got them THAT BAD DEAL, and they sent him to negotiate ANOTHER bad deal

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