Patrick Mahomes will likely work with Dez Bryant again, but won’t make a pitch to Chiefs

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Dez Bryant hasn’t caught any passes in an NFL game since he was with the Cowboys in 2017, but he did catch some passes from an NFL quarterback last month.

Bryant worked out with Patrick Mahomes in Fort Worth, Texas and Mahomes said this week that he will likely do it again later this offseason. Bryant is looking to get back into the league, but Mahomes said he doesn’t anticipate making a pitch on Bryant’s behalf to General Manager Brett Veach.

“He’s obviously a very talented player, someone I watched as a little kid growing up,” Mahomes said, via Terez Paylor of Yahoo Sports. “But I leave stuff like that to Veach and let him make the decisions. Obviously, [Veach] lets me know some of the stuff he’s doing here and there, but I’m blessed to be with a great organization [with] a great general manager, a great head coach and great people around them. I mean, they brought in the Honey Badger and Frank Clark last year, and you saw how much that helped out. So, I know they’ll make the right decisions that will put us in the best situation to win.”

Bryant has mused about a return to the Cowboys and Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has thought about that prospect in the shower, but there’s been no movement on dry land to set up a reunion.

6 responses to “Patrick Mahomes will likely work with Dez Bryant again, but won’t make a pitch to Chiefs

  1. Sounds like Mahomes isn’t impressed. If he was, he would at least point that out to the GM.

  2. Mahomes was doing him a favor by humoring him with a workout. That guy just doesn’t have it anymore.

  3. Does he just not have it anymore? Or is he over priced for a #1. Would he be worth taking a flyer on as a 3rd really 4th options behind Hill, Hardman, Kelce then Bryant?

  4. NFL DB’s are so good these days, you almost have to throw the ball before the WR breaks, and especially if your WR isn’t a speedster. So you basically have to throw to a spot and your WR needs to be there. Dez Bryant runs wherever he wants to, regardless of what the other ten men in the huddle have decided to do. That results in interceptions. You don’t have to be a genius to play WR, but you have to know your assignment and follow directions. It’s not playground football. He might be a good workout partner, but that’s an entire different story.

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