Philip Rivers could find a home in the ESPN booth

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We don’t know where soon-to-be free agent quarterback Philip Rivers will land in 2020, but it’s possible that it could be in the booth, rather than on the field.

The same New York Post report that says ESPN would like to pair Al Michaels with Peyton Manning also says that ESPN has shown interest in Rivers.

It’s possible that Rivers could be the fallback option if Manning spurns ESPN, but at this point much seems up in the air on the Monday Night Football front.

The 38-year-old Rivers is hitting free agency after a season in which he started all 16 games for the Chargers and completed 66 percent of his passes while throwing for 4,615 yards. Although Rivers has been a bit overlooked in a year when Tom Brady, Drew Brees and Dak Prescott are all heading into free agency, he’s likely to have suitors — both among NFL teams looking for a starting quarterback, and among television networks looking for a broadcaster.

4 responses to “Philip Rivers could find a home in the ESPN booth

  1. Sweet Jesus, has anybody listened to him speak? He could be a brain surgeon but comes across as a hick from Mayberry.

  2. They can offer whatever they want but he seemed pretty intent on playing two more years before stepping away. Maybe they can change his mind though, who knows.

  3. Even an organization as bereft of basic humanity as ESPN wouldn’t subject people to that.

  4. Peyton offered 20M a year for MNF gig only shows how lucrative the TV contracts over the next ten years will be for everyone associated with the NFL. 48.5 percent of the big pie is something the NFLPA needs to approve. Failure will result in turmoil and huge revenue losses by all involved.

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