Report: Jadeveon Clowney has Giants on wish list, but he might be out of their range

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The Giants want an elite pass rusher. They need an elite pass rusher.

But how much will they be willing to pay for an elite pass rusher?

The Giants will have around $75 million to spend, but Jadeveon Clowney won’t come cheap. He is expected to be one of the only elite pass rushers to hit free agency, with Yannick Ngakoue, Bud Dupree and Matthew Judon all possibilities to be tagged by their teams.

That’s something Giants General Manager Dave Gettleman pointed out last week.

The Giants are on Clowney’s wish list, Ralph Vacchiano of SNY reports. They have been linked with him for a while now.

But, Vacchiano adds, the Seahawks pass rusher could seek a contract worth somewhere in the neighborhood of $22 million or $23 million per season, which will likely be out of the Giants’ price range.

Clowney, 27, is 12th on PFT’s top-100 free agents list.

The Colts are another team that reportedly has interest in Clowney, and the Seahawks have made it known they would like to re-sign him.

Clowney made 31 tackles, three sacks and an interception in 13 games last season in his first season in Seattle. The three-time Pro Bowler played much of last season with a core muscle injury that required offseason surgery.

18 responses to “Report: Jadeveon Clowney has Giants on wish list, but he might be out of their range

  1. The Giants paid Olivier Vernon $17 million and JPP $16 million AFTER he blew half his hand off.

    Using the figures above, Clowney would actually be a good signing if his physical comes back clean.

  2. LOL. I really want to play for “team X”…. here’s my unrealistically ginormous number.

  3. I hope he gets top dollar as it is abundantly clear he won’t be back with the Seahawks, due to his pricey status. The Seahawks will hope to get a 3rd rd compensation draft pick out of it.

    Unless the free agency market calms down, paying top dollar for high end gambles will persist. This is one of those types of players. He has great pedigree and potential…….with success at the elite level not certain, but quite high, I would pay him. I hoped the Seahawks would have done that, but trust that they know what he really is worth.

  4. Giants, please do NOT sign Clowney. He’s not an elite pass rusher. He has never had 10 sacks and he has had 6 sacks or less in 4 of his 6 seasons. Clowney can be great at times but is nothing special at other times. Paying big free agent money for solid but not spectacular players is what keeps bad teams from becoming good.

  5. Amazing that this guy could make 22$m per year. Makes me wonder what Bruce Smith and Reggie white are worth in today’s dollar.

  6. With $75 mil to spend, how is $22 mil out of reach .? Even with other contracts to extend there’s plenty to go around.

  7. Elite? It’s called getting by thanks to name recognition. Couldn’t even do anything with Watt on the other side. Plus he’s a walking injury report.

  8. Clown is not an elite pass rusher.
    He’s a good run stuffer, and has a couple of great games, but overall isn’t a top defensive player.
    Let someone els eoverpay him.

  9. As a Giants fan, based on the $$$ hes looking for, I hope they take a hard pass. But I have a feeling Gettleman will WAY overpay for this guy.

  10. Clowney played on the other side of J.J. Watt when Watt was at the top of his game and maybe during that 3-4 yr period the greatest lineman in NFL history (right up there anyway).
    And still Clowney was nothing close to elite….Clowney should have been the most dominant DE/OLB in the NFL during that period of time and he was nothing close, barely above average, if that, with JJ Watt taking all the double and triple teams.
    Sure, he makes a nice play now and then but so does 90% of every NFL player. If Clowney had not made that one highlight reel play in college no one would even notice Clowney now…he’s all image and little substance.
    Only a fool would pay Clowney anywhere close to $20M/per…but as they say, a fool and his money will soon be parted.

  11. As a GIANTS fan Clowney’s potential is very tempting, it is. He is a great athlete and he causes a lot of havoc.

    But, I just would not do it for $22 million or close to that per season.

    The guy I really think they should go after is Robert Quinn. He has 3-4 top seasons left and is a damn good DE. He is also more durable than Clowney and I think they could get him for a three or four year deal at like $15 million per, and put some incentives in there too.

    I would also be VERY open to bringing JPP back. I know he has been banged up a lot recently, but if he can the body right, he is stall a real good all-around DE.

  12. Props to Clown man for gutting through the whole season and playoffs for the Seahawks. Obviously it was of great benefit to him as well being in a contract season. His extraordinary effort on Monday Night against Clara came at a great cost as that was when he incurred the hernia injury. There lies the issue with him……he wrecks one game on D and comes away injured. If he had had 3-4 more games like that, Seattle would gladely pay him top league defender money.

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