Reports: Trent Williams has permission to seek trade

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Word late last month was that left tackle Trent Williams wanted Washington to pay him or trade him and the team has apparently made up its mind about which path to follow.

According to multiple reports, Williams has received permission from the team to seek a trade. Given Williams’ desire for a new contract as he heads into the final year of his current one, he’ll be looking for a team that’s willing to hit his number as well as give up compensation to Washington.

Williams wanted a trade while sitting out last season, but reported to the team after they opted not to move him by the trade deadline. In addition to his contract issue, Williams also was upset about the way the team’s medical staff handled a growth on his head that turned out to be cancerous.

New head coach Ron Rivera has spoken with Williams and called it a positive meeting, but it now looks like there’s a good chance he’ll never field a team with Williams in the lineup.

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  1. I’m sure someone will overpay for a tackle that’s past the midpoint of his career, he was good for a while though.

  2. Although it does sound like Washington did him wrong, I have a hard time believing anyone is going to give up much in a trade or pay him what he wants. 31 years old and just sat out a year. I’m sure he can still play, but who will give up a ton only to find out age caught up to him?

  3. He clearly thinks he has more leverage than he does. He’s on the wrong side of 30 with a very strong tackle draft class this year. He’s good when he’s playing and someone will pay him, but I wouldn’t.

  4. Trent was a great Redskin before he gave up meat. Since going vegan, he has shown an inability to stay healthy. Best of lucky to him though.

  5. Smart move by Washington. They accommodate him and let him formally get information from other teams on their actual interest. If he finds no one willing to pay him more than His current contract, plus give up anything of significant value to Washington, he will come back to play. He will feel he was treated fairly and will play at as high a level to get a new, better deal after his contract expires. If he finds some team to meet his and Washington demands, then Win/Win.

    My guess; he is with Washington this season.

  6. A year too late,,,once he said that he didn’t want to play for us he should have been gone in 60 seconds

  7. He had a lot more trade value last season before the trade deadline than he does now seeing as how another year has passed and teams have lots of free agent and draft options at O-line. Washington’s management screwed this one up.

  8. I’m a Browns fan for life…….only trade offer I give for this guy is our low 3rd round and a contract that is $10 mil for 3 yrs…….1st yr. guaranteed

  9. He’s a very good tackle. The year off won’t change that and he’s not that old compared to a lot of the other tackles still playing. Several teams will be willing to pay him what he wants, but the trade compensation is going to be a problem.

    The Redskins should demand at minimum a 2nd round pick, and more likely a 2nd and 3rd round pick like Seattle gave to Houston.

    If a team really needs a solid left tackle, Williams will be worth the expense.

  10. Well be lucky to get a 2nd round for him. All of the good teams have good LTs, like Dallas, Philly, KC etc, All of the crappy teams will be drafting one. There are up to six expected to go in the first round. Then theres the matter of player compensation. You know he wants to be the highest paid at his position. The market just isn’t there for a high pick.

  11. I feel bad for Trent. He doesn’t have one good friend or family member telling him he’s messing up. Do you Trent it will work out great.

  12. He’s a top tier starting left tackle. Yes he’s older, but he’s not that old. The team that gets him is getting a blue-chip player at a vital position. The Skins shouldn’t settle for anything less than a first rounder. Some team will be desperate and if they’re patient, the Skins should be able to get excellent compensation. The key is to be patient. Skins management, if you can hear me, BE PATIENT. Wait for the desperate team to emerge.

  13. Most coveted position after QB, a position in which players often play their best in their 30s…yet people acting like he won’t get much interest

  14. Williams to Broncos for Bolles and third rounder, then Broncos rework a 3 year deal for Williams.

  15. A 31 year old, oft injured tackle who was already on the decline before this drama. I do get why he wants to go, sounds like Washington’s medical staff is awful. However Washington will be lucky to get a third rounder. Anything more and the team that gets him will be overpaying

  16. Redskins messed up on this one, Trent is a great player and was always a good team guy.

  17. Elway…you better personally go get him. and pack Bolles’ suitcase while you’re up

  18. I blame this all on Bruce Allen to not have any nuts to trade this guy when his value was much higher but nooooo Bruce wanted to play a game of chicken

  19. While Williams doesn’t directly blame Snyder, this is the hangover; despite him finally firing Bruce Allen.

    At the end of the day; this is a horrible organization that’s consistently treated players poorly and made bad decisions and Snyder is the one constant. The stink remains! Williams isn’t the only player who wants out.

  20. He’s almost as good as Jason Peters and 7 years younger. He might decline, he might be in his prime. I love his performance even though I’m an Eagles fan. I hope he has a long and strong career.

  21. yetimonster says:

    March 6, 2020 at 12:31 am
    He’s almost as good as Jason Peters and 7 years younger. He might decline, he might be in his prime. I love his performance even though I’m an Eagles fan. I hope he has a long and strong career.
    *BETTER than Jason Peters

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