Report: Cardinals, Texans have inquired about Trent Williams

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The Jets aren’t the only team pursuing Washington left tackle Trent Williams. It figures that many teams will at least inquire about what it will take in compensation to Williams and compensation to Washington to acquire the seven-time Pro Bowler.

The Cardinals and Texans have “expressed interest” in Williams, Ben Standig of reports. Neither team, on the surface, makes much sense.

The Cardinals recently re-signed tackle D.J. Humphries to a three-year, $45 million deal. Their other tackle spot remains a work in progress, though, and it doesn’t cost anything to inquire.

Houston traded two first-round picks to Miami for left tackle Laremy Tunsil. But Tunsil is entering the final year of his deal and reportedly wants a long-term deal with annual salaries of more than $20 million.

If the Texans have decided Tunsil might be too rich for them, could they possibly be checking into what it would take to sign Williams? Would Washington have any interest in a Williams-for-Tunsil deal?

Neither the Cardinals nor the Texans rank as the favorite for Williams.

The Browns, who also reportedly will have interest, make more sense with the obvious connection.

Williams, 31, had Bill Callahan as his position coach in Washington for four seasons (not counting 2019 when Williams didn’t play). Callahan now coaches in Cleveland.

Williams is entering the final year of his contract, with no guaranteed money remaining.

13 responses to “Report: Cardinals, Texans have inquired about Trent Williams

  1. Bill O’brien should be fired…traded 2 1st round picks for a LT, to only to inquire about another LT??

  2. If the Texans let Tunsil go after giving up two first-round picks for him for one season then the GM Bill O’Brien should be fired.
    One of the all time bad moves by a gm – trade 2 #1s without a deal worked out

  3. In a lot of ways I think Williams is a better player than Tunsil. But winding up with a 30 + year old LT with injury issues for 2 1st round picks is a bone headed move. Especially since Williams could run exactly the same game on them next year. O’B did manage to draft a couple of pretty good looking prospects last year, tho.
    Kubiak was the last person in Houston really understood how to manage O line.

  4. Tunsil for Williams would leave the Texans in the same boat. 2 draft picks for a LT requiring a new contract…

  5. To everyone saying that Houston traded two first round picks for Tunsil, don’t forget that they also gave up a second round pick too. Three picks for a guy with no deal in place, Houston we have a problem.

  6. Wondering why the Redskins didn’t wanna redo his contract to guarantee his money to solve all this drama

  7. I’d say both teams make sense as they both have young qbs theyd like to protect and even though they each have a LT they could be looking at Tunsil as a LG since he played there his rookie year or possibly ari/hou want to try tunsil or their current LT at RT

  8. Anyone who thinks Bill O’Brien got “had” in the Tunsil deal is just not bright. There’s a lot of ignorant comments “above”.

    The Texans draft late (mid-20’s) in each round so to simply say “1st round pick” is just not a smart comment.

    The Texans traded 2 firsts and 1 second…in return they got Tunsil, Kenny Stills, a 4th and a 6th.

    Break it down this way….the Texans traded a LATE 2nd round pick for HIGH 4th and 6th round pick (a trade that at least 50% of the teams would do stand alone) AND Kenny Stills whom was very productive for the Texans in 2019 and will be more so if Will Fuller can ever stay healthy.

    So in effect the Texans traded 2 LATE 1st round picks for PRO-BOWL VERY YOUNG left tackle. If the Texans never made the trade would they get anyone near the quality of Tunsil with their 26th pick in the 2020 draft? Maybe a 5% likelihood. AND it would take 2-3 years to develop that pick in all likelihood. So in effect they gave up 1 extra first round pick (LATE) to move up into the top 10 (in effect) to grab a guy of Tunsil’s ability…and unlike draft picks of which you’re never sure how good they’ll be..they got a SURE THING in Tunsil.

    25 teams in the league are all searching for a quality LT…but not the Texans.

    The Texans (Bill O’Brien) STOLE Tunsil, outright fleeced, the Dolphins in that trade.

  9. Houston leaking that they are interested in other OTs is likely just a negotiating tactic.

  10. Doesn’t make much sense for AZ to trade for Williams, Arizona has a good LT whom they just resigned long term and neither Humphries nor Williams can play on the right side, makes no sense to make that deal so I’d bet they’re just kicking the tires on Williams to see what the deal is. Makes much more sense for Arizona to look to the draft to pick up a long term RT on draft night though AZ has a pretty damn good RT already on the roster who is no where close to reaching his full potential yet in Justin Murray who only allowed 3 sacks last season.

  11. Miami should go out and resign Tunsil. They would have received this years first. Get their guy back and have another first next year left from the trade. That’s one expensive rental for Texans.

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