Saints planning first-round RFA tender for Taysom Hill

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Saints head coach Sean Payton said last month that he expects another team to make quarterback Taysom Hill an offer as a restricted free agent this offseason.

Payton suggested that the team doing so would run the risk of giving up a first-round pick if the Saints didn’t match that offer and it appears that will indeed be the case. Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that the team is planning to tender Hill at the first-round level.

While that comes as no surprise, there is still the possibility that the Saints could sign Hill to a longer deal now. Hill has said he wants to be with a team that views him as a starting quarterback rather than the multiple roles he currently fills on the New Orleans offense, which is likely part of the reason why Payton believes his contract will be a tricky one to figure out.

The first-round tender is expected to come with a salary of more than $4.6 million for the 2020 season.

22 responses to “Saints planning first-round RFA tender for Taysom Hill

  1. The Saints are just trolling to find that true moron GM and/or owner who thinks a “QB” player that has thrown like 10 pass in his career and a wildcat runner is an elite NFL starting QB talent. It would be the steal of the year if the Saints got that much needed extra 1st rounder for their salary cap strapped team.

  2. drew brees is killing this team. not only is he holding them hostage by preventing them from signing quality supporting players year in year out with his exorbitant salary, now the team can’t even afford to sign his replacement. time to cut the cord NO.

  3. Good move. He is worth $4.6 million to the Saints as they use him now. He does the work of 2-3 players as a jack of all trades. And if they lose him they will laugh all the way to the bank (draft) with a 1st rounder for him. They likely prefer the pick. Cheap 5 year contract for a top 32 pick. What’s not to like? He is not a starting quality NFL QB and at his age he is unlikely to develop into one.

  4. If you saw his college tape as a passer and looked at his stats; you’d laugh out loud about a 1st round tender!

    The only differences between Hill and Tim Tebow is that Tebow is a very bad passer and Hill is a disastrous passer! That and Hill doesn’t mind being a gimmick player but Tebow has too much pride to.

  5. There is not another coach that can utilize this guy’s skill set as effectively as Payton. I think they need to keep him if at all possible because im excited about the kind of stat lines that he can produce in that slash role

  6. If the saints could get a #1 for him, Sean Peyton I would personally drive hill to the airport.

  7. The saints are the morons as no team is going to offer a first round pick for that guy. He’s only valuable to the saints, he’s no more than a special teams player on some other team. And get real, nobody is gonna let him be their full time qb with 13 career passes under his belt.

  8. The funny thing is I get the sense that Peyton is throwing a smokescreen and if any team offers anything he won’t match and will pocket the first rounder.

  9. Welcome to the New England Patriots and a 12 and 4 season Mr Hill!! While he’s no Tom Brady or Joe Montana he most certainly will be the next Steve Young!

  10. This is almost as comical as the niners holding on to Beathard hoping for a draft pick.

  11. This guy will crash and burn as a starting QB. Unless they run the option like 90% of the time.

  12. I don’t see him giving up a 1st Rd pick for him but I’d bet Bill Belicick would use him in just as many ways as my Saints.

    Even though I think the Saints should let Brees walk and go with Teddy and Taysom.

  13. They will still need a backup QB. No way they have him fill the #2QB spot. Bridgewater is not going to stay and hopes to be the #1QB of his new team.

  14. Worth it to the Saints, maybe not a great fit for anyone else in the nfl coaching ranks. Hill is worth a 2nd or 1st to the saints.

  15. Hill represents the next generation of NFL offense. Bill Belichick perfected the Paul Brown offense. The next generation will integrate additional roots of football — rugby style lateral play, at which Hill can excel. Lateral pass progression is the ultimate continuous option play. With NFL money, and globalized travel, there are plenty of exceptional rugby players to bring into the league. Now if only the rules would require the ball to touch-down onto the turf in the end zone…

  16. IMO there are just too many QB’s out there available. I think this guy could be pretty good but no one has seen him play for extended time and now his tendencies. First round, I think not.

  17. Shrewd move by the Saints. They know no ones giving them a first round pick for him. They basically get to set his market and get a 1st round pick if they find a sucker

  18. The rest of the league thinks it’s cute how enamored the Saints are with a gadget player that has completed one impressive pass in his entire career.

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