Trai Turner “embracing everything” after trade to Chargers

Getty Images

There were reports that the Panthers were shopping veteran right guard Trai Turner in a trade early this week, but Turner still said it was “somewhat of a surprise” that the team agreed to send him to the Chargers in exchange for left tackle Russell  Okung.

Turner said he hadn’t heard anything concrete about a potential trade until he got the news on Wednesday and said on SiriusXM NFL Radio that the surprise gave way to feeling “glad to be somwhere I’m wanted.” Turner said he knows several Chargers players and feels it’s a “great situation” for the next chapter of his career.

“I’m embracing everything,” Turner said. “Embracing the opportunity to go out west and play for an up and coming team.”

The Chargers gave running back Austin Ekeler a four-year contract extension on Friday and one of Turner’s key jobs with his new team will be to open holes for Ekeler in 2020 and beyond.