NFL postpones Consumer Products Summit over coronavirus

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Coronavirus finally has had an impact on the NFL.

The NFL has postponed its annual Consumer Products Summit, according to the Sports Business Journal. The annual event was scheduled for Monday to Wednesday in Tampa.

The league is exploring options to reschedule the event.

The annual vendor trade show allows more than 150 exhibitors to showcase their officially licensed products to retailers and manufacturers. Wal-Mart and Fanatics are among the online sites and stores that attend the show.

It’s also a chance for athletic gear companies to pitch their products — uniforms, practice equipment, protective gear and staff apparel — to equipment managers from all 32 teams.

More than 800 licensees, retailers, NFL league and team officials were scheduled to attend, according to the Sports Business Journal.

NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy told PFT that the event was postponed “due to the increasing number of attendees (retailers, licensees and distributors) that will no longer attend because of their organizations’ travel restrictions.”

There is no impact on merchandise sales for fans or on other NFL events, McCarthy added.

The NFL’s next big event is the annual owners meetings, scheduled to begin March 29 in West Palm Beach, Florida.

The next big public event for the league is the draft, scheduled to being April 23 in Las Vegas.

14 responses to “NFL postpones Consumer Products Summit over coronavirus

  1. I’m glad the NFL and all it’s merchandisers are taking every precaution imaginable, but that they’re also reassuring us there’s no risk to workers or fans spending in sports shops & stadia.

  2. The flu has killed 18000 people this year alone so far, but let’s all keep freaking out! People that have died from corona virus have been people with compromised immune systems and in poor health. I don’t feel like I’m above anybody here but, I think I pretty much hate everybody

  3. theitalianarmy says:
    March 7, 2020 at 7:20 pm

    I sense fear mongering.

    YEAH, fear mongering instead of selling merchandise sounds like a plan…

    Fear mongering and uncertainty is when you have government officials who make decisions on safety because they are experts and the POTUS contradicts them based on a hunch.

  4. Agenda:

    1. Raise prices of t-shirts.
    2. Raise prices of sweatshirts.
    3. Raise prices of caps.
    4. Raise prices of jerseys.
    5. Raise prices of everything else.
    6. Set up a committee to study why sales are dropping.

  5. the vegas draft has to be cancelled! if SXSW was forced to cancel then the draft does need to as well…however i believe Austin is getting a taste of the 8 billion that the senate just took from the tax payers….so if the draft is cancelled vegas will get money from the govt to cover their losses…

  6. xbam says:
    March 7, 2020 at 8:46 pm

    however i believe Austin is getting a taste of the 8 billion that the senate just took from the tax payers


    So you’re saying Trump and McConell are socialists? Mitch passed the bill and Papa Trump signed it.

  7. I have a hunch that the coronavirus will magically go away when warm weather arrives.

  8. Its estimated that less than a 1000 people have gotten the coronavirus in the US and here we are cancelling scheduled events because of nothing but fear, what a bunch of what a bunch of wussies we’ve become since 9-11!

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