New England’s offer to Tom Brady remains Bill Belichick’s call

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As quarterback Tom Brady and the New England Patriots move closer toward the moment at which it will be time to poo or get off the loo, it’s becoming more clear that the decisions to be made by Patriots coach Bill Belichick will be final.

Tom Curran of NBC Sports Boston reports that owner Robert Kraft will not intercede to ensure that Brady will remain a Patriot for a 21st season.

Per Curran, if the gap between Brady and Belichick is small, Kraft will try to nudge them together. At a certain point, though, Kraft won’t pull rank or otherwise force the man who runs the football operations in New England to do something he doesn’t want to do.

Curran explains that the persistent belief that Kraft will trump Belichick comes from the lingering opinion that Kraft pulled strings to get Belichick to trade Brady’s backup, Jimmy Garoppolo, to the 49ers in 2017. Curran disputes this notion, something Kraft vehemently disputed at the time reports of his intervention emerged, bluntly calling it a “lie.”

While plenty of owners meddle (it’s one of the most often misused benefits of being an owner), Kraft has allowed Belichick to do his thing for 20 years — and it’s worked. Why would Kraft tell Belichick that he has to pay Brady or otherwise make a commitment that Belichick doesn’t want to make? At a time when some see reasons to believe that Father Time is in the process of taking Tommy down, only one person is in prime position to make that assessment. And Belichick will decide, without regarding to sentiment or history or name on the jersey or potential local backlash, the terms that should be offered.

The broader question that rarely gets addressed in this context is whether Belichick, fully aware that Father Time is undefeated, would rather make the move now, given the various veteran options that are available at quarterback. But Belichick won’t be sharing his plans with anyone until the time comes to implement them.

That time is coming. And the point for now is that, whatever Belichick plans to do, Kraft plans to let Belichick do it. Which is exactly the way Kraft should play it.

42 responses to “New England’s offer to Tom Brady remains Bill Belichick’s call

  1. Bill gonna go right back to his Browns days with 8-8 as his final season.

  2. Belichick has come to the same assumption he made with Kosar.. Tom Brady has “diminishing skills”

  3. As it should be. Belichick, more than anyone, has earned the right to make this decision.

    Also, Kraft isn’t about to do anything that would make Belichick want to eventually leave.

  4. I hated seeing Rice & Montana play for different teams. TB12 will regret his prime chance to leave on top. After losing to my Eagles Tom came back and won another ring to go with his other hand. He should’ve done a Peyton and left on top. Even if he stays in New England the Ravens and Chiefs will be impossible to beat. I hope he doesn’t end up being that guy who hung on 2 years too late and stain an otherwise story book career.

  5. Kraft did not tell Belichick to trade Garropolo. Kraft is not lying about that.

    What he did tell Belichick was he could not trade Brady.

    Since the Patriots could not keep Garropolo who’s contract would have run out at end of season

    He traded Garropolo at the trading deadline to get something for him.

  6. I’m guessing the sticking point is length of contract i.e., 1 vs 2 years. I’d be hesitant to give Brady a 2 year deal.

  7. I’ll just be glad when all this drama is over, just as it was with the AB jabbering. After a certain point all this speculation just gets annoying….

  8. I think both of them have a hankering to see if they can do it without the other one, such is the luxury of having a handful of rings

  9. The bottom line is that Kraft also witnessed Tom’s performance last year. He’ll let his employee do the unpleasant work, as he should.

  10. Er, Kraft’s ALWAYS said this – it’s BB’s call – even back when BB decided to JimmyG. It’s only all the media (and all the salty mountain of hate) who keep liking to imagine otherwise.

  11. Keeping Brady is pointless if Lord Bill doesnt get him some weapons. I dont think money is the issue with Tom (it never has been b4) its length of contract. I’m sure BB wants a one year deal and Tom wants three…just meet at 2 and end this daily needless drama.

  12. Nobody has ever blamed a coach who only won super bowls with a HOF QB, so why start now? Go down the list of great coaches, and most had a great QB. No great QB has ever been left out of the HOF because he played for a good coach. There’s nothing wrong with two people accomplishing a lot working together as a team. Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak worked together to create Apple. John Lennon and Paul McCartney together created the Beatles. Great things happen when people work together as a team. Brady is 43 years old, so even if he left New England and never won another game, it wouldn’t “prove” anything. Same goes for the coach. The HOF would almost be empty if they only admitted players and coaches who did everything by themselves. I guess Joe Gibbs would have the hall all to himself, but he’s an exception. Now he’s dominating auto racing, so he’s just at a different level than everyone else.

  13. If I were John Lynch, there is NO WAY I would mortgage Jimmy G for 2 -3 years of 43 Yr old Tom Brady. We don’t even have 1/2 a clue about how good he could be in 3, 5 or even 7 years.

    If I were BB, I would make every effort to keep TB. Putting aside all of the noise, hype and speculation, I keep coming back to 1 fact; no one out there gives NE a better chance to win now than Tom Brady. BB must know this He always claims he will do what he thinks is best for the team. Lets see it, Bill

  14. I hate the Patriots. That being said, Brady has earned the right to do whatever he wants. So if he wants to stay in New England he stays.
    Kraft , Belichick and the fans need to shut up and let him decide.

  15. I think the time is now for Brady to retire. Could he probably squeeze another year or two out of himself, yes. But it’s obvious the decline is there. We all had to see Kobe, Jeter, Shaq, Emmitt, and countless others play a year or two longer than they should have. Why go to a new team and possibly struggle just to hang on one more year? If Belicheck tells Tom they’re moving on he should just call it a day

  16. If I were Brady I would tell Billy don’t waste my time with your offer. I’ll let you get back to making the playoffs once in 7 seasons without me, and maybe I can get some of this cheater stink off me, caused by your stupid taping after the memo said knock it off.

  17. This is getting more attention then what it’s worth. Really, who cares? The league doesn’t revolve around Brady or the Pats. Sports media has about beat this story to death. Brady is playing the media for attention and it’s working. Making a mountain out of a mole hill!

  18. If Peyton, or Brees or Rodgers has won 6 SB with Belichick, he would have become a system QB.

  19. 1phillyphan says:
    March 8, 2020 at 1:23 pm
    I hated seeing Rice & Montana play for different teams. TB12 will regret his prime chance to leave on top. After losing to my Eagles Tom came back and won another ring to go with his other hand. He should’ve done a Peyton and left on top. Even if he stays in New England the Ravens and Chiefs will be impossible to beat. I hope he doesn’t end up being that guy who hung on 2 years too late and stain an otherwise story book career.
    You do know that Peyton Manning went to another team (which was 8-8 the year before) and went to the Super Bowl.

  20. If Brady is going back to NE, why hasn’t this been settled? You have to wonder what is going to be different in the world in 10 days than now. Is the new CBA going to affect this player and this team enough to made a real difference in signing today rather than March 28?

    As with all these events, when it ends, the two sides will trot out some utterly inconsequential point and say, “THAT was significant. It took a lot of discussion to get through it.”

  21. What’s more over-hyped? The Tom Brady free agency saga or coronavirus? Take your pick.

  22. All well and good by Kraft. Let your people do their jobs. However, there are singular moments when an owner can make a decision that is better for the history of the franchise as opposed to what may go onto the field at any given time. This is such a moment.

    Brady finishing somewhere else will anger the fanbase, diminish the legacy and give the haters something to really crow about.

    Brady needs to return and he needs to play as a Patriot for as long as he wants to. He still has it.

  23. Just pay Brady $401,000,000 with a $100,000,000 sighing bonus. Then please move on to anything else, Please.

  24. I strongly believe that Tom will be back in New England. The only way he won’t be is if he gets an unbelievable offer from another team. I think he would leave for San Francisco for the right price. I pretty much don’t see him going anywhere else. He has said he wants to play until he’s 45 and I think he probably will. Two more years.

  25. Belichick has said repeatedly “I would rather get rid of a player a year early than a year late” so there’s that. If it is up to Bill I think Tom is gone.

  26. Who says kraft doesn’t get involved. AB May be an idiot but Kraft was the one who made the decision to cut him

  27. Easy to think BB wants to get to the next guy and build for the long term. But he is a true football historian, and I doubt this moment is lost on him. Joe Montana going to KC is on his mind, and so is Jimmy Johnson with Dan Marino. I think he keeps Brady for two more seasons, and in the mean time, he grooms a replacement. I think Brady leaves on his own terms, having spent his entire career in New England. He really is the best QB for that team in the upcoming season. Has he lost a bit of his magic? yes, but the offense as a whole wasn’t where it needed to be. A good TE and a couple WR’s, and some help on the O-Line, they’ll be right back in the mix this season. QB was not the problem.

  28. I think Belichick will take a look at whats out there.

    How about Jameis Winston? Is Belichick ok with a QB who turns the ball over twice a game? Next.

    Marcus mariota. He lost out to Tannehill, and did nothing with a championship team. He’s pretty bad. Maybe for a base of 1MM, and huge incentives for performance and reaching the championship.

    Andy Dalton? Joe Flacco? I don’t think so.

  29. ivotedfornixon says:
    March 8, 2020 at 1:33 pm

    Kraft did not tell Belichick to trade Garropolo. Kraft is not lying about that.

    What he did tell Belichick was he could not trade Brady.
    Nonsense. Never happened. Complete BS on your part.

  30. Brady and Belichick should both retire, and Kraft should sell the team.
    Then the NFL should salt the Earth where those guys were so nothing sneaky could ever grow there again.

  31. Brady and Belichick should not retire—that’s ridiculous—they’ve been a fantastic on a generational level and great for the league.

    If you don’t like consistency, desire, and excellence, just say that. If it frustrates you to lose to them, just say that. Stop making excuses.

  32. This is Brady’s last chance for a big payday, and in a few days he’ll be a free agent. You tell me what he’s going to do, stay in NE and play for peanuts?

  33. To everyone saying Brady has earned the right to decide, sorry but you are wrong! Brady’s contract is up! He is owed nothing past the end of that contract. As a Steelers fan in the 80s I saw all this playout with Lynn Swann, Franco Harris, Terry Bradshaw, John Stalworth, Joe Greene, and many other significant players.
    It is a business. The coach can’t be sentimental to the players and still field a winning team. The coach needs the authority to decide the best way to progress with the team. Even for someone of Brady’s stature, it is the coaches call.
    Think of all the great players who moved to another team at the end of their career. Are you going to tell me that all those names that came to your mind are tarnished because they played for more than one team?
    Think of the great coaches! Hw many are remembered poorly because they cut popular players?
    Franco Harris finished his career in Seattle. He is still a minor diety in Pittsburgh. Chuck Noll cut Franco Harris. Noll is a Saint to the Steelers faithful. It will be the same for Brady and Belichick with the NE fanbase.

  34. Belichick and Brady have been joined at the hip m through all their successes. Some argue Bill made Tom. Some argue Tom made Bill. I believe Belichick let’s Brady walk just to prove he can win without Brady. Both have giant egos, but Bill’s is a bit larger and he controls the purse strings.

  35. dejc421 says:
    March 8, 2020 at 1:33 pm
    I’m guessing the sticking point is length of contract i.e., 1 vs 2 years. I’d be hesitant to give Brady a 2 year deal.

    And I’d be hesitant to give half of the QBs in the league a 1yr deal! What a shame, there are over 2 billion men on the planet between the age of 20-35 and we can’t find 32 that truly deserve to be starting NFL QBs, SAD, SAD, SAD!

  36. “This is Brady’s last chance for a big payday,”

    That kind of statement is hilarious.

    Brady and his wife between them are worth over 3/4 of a billion dollars. Brady has made over 300 million including endorsement deals. Not sure what he would need a “big payday” for.

    Brady wants another ring to cement himself as the best ever. He would likely prefer it was in New England as long as Bill will put the necessary skill position players and Oline around him in the coming season.

    Money is not what he’s concerned about, winning is.

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