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The L.A. Rams have been waiting for their new stadium to open to alter their outdated uniforms. This year, the Rams will finally do something more than: (1) swap out their gold horns for white ones; (2) wear their yellow and blue throwbacks as often as they can; and (3) never don dark blue jerseys that blend with their blue helmets and white horns roughly as well as Joe Pesci in Alabama.

An image of the team’s new logo has leaked, and Charles Robinson of Yahoo Sports says it’s legit.

The new logo makes “LA” the centerpiece of the image, ditching the profile of a ram. It’s a reminder of the initial Chargers logo, an L.A. with a lightning bolt on the “L”. The Chargers quickly ditched it.

Some will say the Rams should do the same with their new logo. Far more important will be their new uniforms. If the new logo is any indication, the new uniforms may not be well received, either.

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  1. A new logo is just the thing to help Jarred Goof learn how to read defenses.

  2. hideous[ hid-ee-uhs ]
    horrible or frightful to the senses; repulsive; very ugly:

  3. I like the old ones better, but I’m finding out from my kids that there are different opinions. So I’ll be flexible and just adapt to whatever they wear. Ah, the good old days!

  4. I’m surprised the Rams didn’t need to get lebrons approval for the logo.

  5. Clearly and effort to abandon their past, emphasize its an LA team now and pander to the next generation of fans. Though I think you could call them the LA Wave and the logo works. They join the Patriots, Bengals, Bucs, Giants, Broncos, Eagles, Jets and Ravens in what I consider latter Super Bowl era major logo redesigns. We’ll see if it translates into an Super Bowl title like it did for all but the Bengals and Jets.

  6. Wow. Gross. And I had a mindset to embrace something unusual. This bad though, like Arena Football expansion team bad.

  7. It’s amazing that they probably paid millions of dollars for this new logo and I wouldn’t want my local high school to use it.

    Sometimes these teams outsmart themselves. Leave the Ram in the logo.

  8. I assumed from the photo that it was a Chargers logo. Why would you want anyone to think that ?

  9. One of the great NFL logos and icons–looks like they really spoiled it. The uniforms and helmets will probably be worse than we can imagine.

  10. All they had to do was go to the classic blue & yellow unis, with maybe just the slightest minor tweaks for the current style.

    Not surprising that a Kroenke-rum org would be this clueless, but this is stupendously clueless.

  11. How out of touch with the heart of your team to approve a design as terrible as this?

  12. Sometimes the classics are best and should be left alone. This is one of those times.

  13. The Rams Logo hooked up with the Chargers logo and they had a baby. A really ugly baby.

  14. If that is just for a hat, then it’s fine. The Rams need to stick with the yellow and blue uniforms. Those Eric Dickerson uniforms are some of the best in the NFL.

    Now none of this is going to make Gurley’s knee better or make Jared Goff a good QB.

  15. This is a real shame. The Rams’ helmet is a true original classic. From Wikipedia:

    “In the mid-1940s, running back Fred Gehrke toyed with notion of painting a football helmet. Rams coach Bob Snyder suggested Gehrke paint a helmet with the ram horns on it that he could present to the team’s owner Dan Reeves. Gehrke painted two ram horns on an old college helmet and presented the design to Reeves, who was intrigued. Reeves then contacted the NFL for a ruling on legality of having a football helmet painted. It was reported[citation needed] that the answer Reeves received from the NFL was “You’re the owner; do what you want!” Reeves then tasked Gehrke to paint 75 helmets at $1.00 per helmet. The project took Gehrke the entire summer of 1948.

    The newly painted helmets debuted during a pre-season match-up between the Rams and Redskins at the Los Angeles Coliseum before a crowd of 105,000. Upon seeing the new helmets the crowd began cheering, which was followed by a five-minute standing ovation. To this day, Gehrke’s rams horn logo is still worn by the team.”

  16. Kevin Demhof CEO of the Rams said yesterday that is not the new logo or colors. Maybe he is lying but he shot it down.

  17. As a Western New Yorker, this reminds me of the infamous Sabres “Buffaslug” logo. Hideous!

  18. Yikes. They could have hired someone on UpWork for $20 and gotten a better logo created.

  19. On the bright side, their throwback merchandise is going to sell VERY well.

  20. It looks like the horns are made of lightning bolts. Seems like an attempt to dis the chargers. It’s horrible. This is what happens when professional designers are replaced by people with art software.

  21. Hideous. The Rams helmet horns are an NFL classic. Leave well-enough alone.

  22. Change just for the sake of change. Ask the Tampa Bay Buccaneers how that worked out.

  23. Back to the drawing board with that abomination! Who was dumb enough to approve this – oh wait, probably everybody!

  24. This looks like the L.A. Chargers logo, not the Rams’. The “C” instead of the ram horn, the zig-zag “steps” in the “C” like the lightning bolt of yore, and the colors are Chargers colors, too, save for the powder blue.

  25. It looks like the Rams and Chargers could share this logo. Simply terrible.

    This is coming from a Browns fan, and our logo is an orange helmet *facepalm*

  26. I think it’s perfect for LA football and their fan base. The standard is set low so no one is disappointed.

  27. That gives the Chargers initial LA logo a run for its money. Just awful. I don’t get the complete switch, the Ram profile was great. Why not just change that back to bright blue/yellow?

  28. What they SHOULD have done is make every helmet look like an arbitrary lightning strike. BOOM. A lightning bolt. Each helmet would have it’s own unique stamp. Some teams just don’t think things out.

  29. At first glance, I thought it was a lightning bolt, as in Chargers. Terrible branding when there are already 2 teams in the same market

  30. It’s almost as if they wanted a logo that would force the Chargers to also update theirs.

  31. Im not usually one that just says negative stuff but this is truly an awful design 🤮

  32. The Rams are one of those teams whose uni’s were perfect before some genius had to redesign them about 20 years ago. I thought they were going back got the originals full time this year? Yet the article mentions “new” ones. Probably designed by the same joker who came up with this logo. Wow, what a fail.

  33. The people paid good money to design uniforms must be smoking some real bad stuff. Either that or they’re just in dire need for some kind of prolonged treatment.

  34. My buddy started a Twitch Channel his a gamer. He paid some graphic designer kid to make a logo for his channel and paid around 200 dollars for the logo and designs for it on shirts. It looks a hell of a lot better than Rams who are valued at $3.8B

  35. They talk about the best feature being that it gets away from the traditional Rams horns. The point they are missing is that those traditional Rams horns are the best thing they have going logo wise.

  36. Horrible, looks like it has nothing to do with the “RAMS”. Billionaires are not very smart. The LA part is fine, but that spiral looks like it is for the the new movie “SPIRAL”. WHAT A WASTE OF MONEY.

  37. The marketing team that approved this should be fired immediately. The executive(s) who signed off on it deserve all the ridicule coming their way.

  38. “The L.A. Rams have been waiting for their new stadium to open to alter their outdated uniforms.”

    What’s ‘outdated’ about them? The very definition of the word uniform is a consistent appearance. The NY Yankees never change their uniforms – does that mean they’re also outdated? Constantly changing jersey and logo designs for the purpose of merchandise sales doesn’t translate to a winning product on the field. When you win, no one cares about the clothes.

  39. New logos are supposed to generate merchandise sales.
    I have a feeling that the only boost in sales is going to be a purchasing spike in the products bearing the old logo before they disappear.

  40. The logo might make sense if they were the Tsunamis or Tidal Waves, but there are a million better ways to rebrand the Rams and they missed them all. LOL

  41. “outdated uniforms”?

    Their original navy and white are some of the coolest in league history. The logo, too.

    When will these people ever get it?

  42. Whomever made this should be marched threw the streets of LA followed by that lady with the bell repeating “Shame! Shame! Shame!”

  43. That is probably some logo for the new stadium. Maybe for stadium workers. You can easily see both the Rams and Chargers logos combined there. You Rams fans can relax because I’m probably right. I’m pretty confident that is not the new Rams logo.

  44. NFL Traditions dies on the daily. This is pathetic. The NFL was perfect and Goodell and the greedy owners drove it in a ditch.

  45. With the yellow striping in the horn, which also looks like a “C”, I would have guessed this was the new LA Chargers logo.

  46. Logo is horrible but can we talk about what shade of blue that is supposed to be? It’s definitely not either their traditional royal blue nor even the darker blue they used for a while in St. Louis. There’s almost a greenish tinge to it in the photo and it just looks off.

  47. Everyone has a decent logo — except Cinci. I think they need a whole new color scheme, helmet, and logo.

  48. The Rams have the most iconic perfect logo of the NFL and they want to change it????

  49. That looks more like the LA Chargers than Rams. I think it’s really bad if it is made for the Rams and just bad if it is made for the Chargers.

  50. Hate it! It’s a generic logo for Kronke’s shopping center & arena. It’s not a Rams logo. A ram can crush you with it’s horns. What’s that thing supposed to do to you?

  51. Sharing the stadium wasn’t enough… apparently Kronke wanted to share the same logo too. It’s a C shaped lightning bolt.

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