Texas XFL games drew more than 34,000 on Saturday

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There may be no “I” in team, but there’s clearly an “X” in Texas.

Coronavirus fears wiped out the SXSW festival in Austin, but on Saturday more than 34,000 fans showed up to watch XFL games in Houston and Dallas.

The Roughnecks, whose controversial win moved them to 5-0, had a record crowd of 19,773 for their game against the Seattle Dragons. The Renegades drew 15,950 for their home game against the New York Guardians.

For Dallas, the crowd was the lowest of the year, but a dip is common when XFL teams have home games on consecutive weekends. (Last week, more than 18,000 saw the Renegades lose at home to the Roughnecks.)

Sunday’s action includes a 3:00 p.m. ET game in D.C. between the St. Louis BattleHawks and the Defenders on FS1. Then comes the first prime-time game in XFL 2.0 history, with the L.A. Wildcats hosting the Tampa Bay Vipers at 9:00 p.m. ET on ESPN.

13 responses to “Texas XFL games drew more than 34,000 on Saturday

  1. I’ve really been enjoying the XFL so far. It’s surprisingly good football considering the lack of stars. It’s a lot easier to root for these players vs NFL guys imo.

  2. Texas is a HUGE football market (obviously)

    It’s absolutely ridiculous that California has had four teams (three now that the Raiders are in Vegas) and Florida has had three teams, but the NFL can’t seem to make their way to San Antonio/Austin.

    Go Vince and Go XFL!

  3. All XFL games are curiously out drawing any “LA” Chargers games, seeing a maximum of 10,000 LA Chargers fans at any of their home games last two years.Sadly, despite a new stadium venue with high ticket and PSL prices I don’t believe the “LA” chargers will field more than 15,000 “fans” a game. And with a rookie or retread at QB it could be worse. The 3 year old “re-location” has been a snowballing business disaster for the franchise and the NFL. They’ve made it worse by dumping Philip Rivers a year or two too early. They can still sign him going into Kroenke World and they should. While they’re at it, they should prop-up the OL with players who can run block and pass block.

  4. @ alonestartexan, And to add most of those teams(Miami, TB, Jags and Chargers) can’t even half fill the stands with their own fans! The new LA stadium is going to look funny with less than 25K fans when the Chargers play at home!

    The NFL does some really stupid things but putting two teams in LA when they never would support one in the past has to be right at the top of the list!

  5. @ Steve Cunningham, you’re absolutely right!

    At the end of the day, St. Louis gave the Rams really solid support, esp. considering ownership put them through the worst decade of football in NFL history prior to their move. Local government was willing to put up taxpayer dollars to fund a new riverfront stadium.

    San Diego government and voters were willing to make a deal to build a new stadium on their current stadium site, but Dean Spanos was hell bent on moving downtown.

    The only team that had a valid reason to move were the Raiders, the only team that had/has a viable fan base in Los Angeles is the Raiders.

    The Rams should have stayed in Missouri, the Chargers should have played in LA on a temporary status until their stadium in San Diego was completed in its current spot, and the Raiders should have gone to Los Angeles. If Los Angeles, the NFL, or the Raiders couldn’t come up with a stadium in LA, THEN look at Las Vegas.

    The NFL did what it did because Kroenke is super rich and could afford to do everything on his own.

    I’m hopeful that the Spanos’s will wise up and beg the NFL to let them leave. San Antonio or St. Louis would be a much better home for them, esp. if they re-brand.

  6. “The NFL does some really stupid things but putting two teams in LA when they never would support one in the past has to be right at the top of the list!”

    LA is not a football town……never has been. There should be one team in LA and that should be the Rams. The Raiders should have never come here and FOR SURE the Chargers should never have come back here. Send the Chargers to Austin or San Antonio (maybe both cities can share them, although I don’t know what the team would be called). In any case, they would have a much larger following than they have in LA.

    For what it’s worth, I think the Raiders will be a big hit in Las Vegas. That city deserves an NFL team. It will sell out every game!

  7. I am again pleading with the xfl..promote a fantasy league and see what happens.

  8. The L.A. thing is always been and always will be about the t.v. market. It has nothing to do with how many fans support it. 10% of Los Angeles is substantially more people than 30% of most markets.

  9. Nice to see fans embracing the league. I wore my XFL hat to my new job last week and quite a few folks were asking about the league. If you enjoy football, you’ll enjoy the XFL

  10. People in Texas respect Bob Stoops and will go to watch his teams play. Somehow pulling him out of retirement was a masterful stroke by the XFL. Texans can all remember their schools getting dominated by his OU teams for the better part of the last two decades.

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