Tom Brady sends message: “Nobody knows anything”

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As we enter another week of the soap opera that has eaten the NFL offseason, the guy who’s writing the script says he’s not finished with it yet.

Via Mike Reiss of, SiriusXM NFL Radio co-host Charlie Weis said last week that Brady texted him with the following important update about the constant updates about his free agency and future.

“I do have one bit of scoop for us. I’ve been texting with Tommy,” Weis said (and somebody should help Charlie pick up that name he just dropped). “I don’t [usually] pass along these conversations, but one thing he told me — ‘Nobody knows anything. So anyone who is telling you they know, they don’t know.’

“I’m not going through any other part of the conversation [but] I followed up and he said, ‘Clean it up.’ So I’m cleaning it up.”

The simplest interpretation (which longtime NFL insider William of Ockham told us is often the best one) would be that Brady himself doesn’t know, with the CBA yet to be ratified and firm financial details yet to come his way.

He could also be sending a message to those on the periphery of his circle (say for instance the people who text with him and relay those conversations in broadcast or simple gossip form) that he’s grown weary of the speculation of a future which he and only he controls.

This week will mark an important milestone in that future, since the union vote on the CBA will be completed by Friday, and there will be a clear sense of the financial structure teams are working with when they can (officially) begin legally tampering with the free agent on March 16.

24 responses to “Tom Brady sends message: “Nobody knows anything”

  1. I do not think Brady knows for sure where he is playing next season. It is not solely up to Brady, Kraft and Belichick play a part in this decision. So anyone including Edleman who states they have the facts is merely speculating.

  2. This is why I can’t stand sports media, once Brady signs wherever he signs everyone is going to say “we knew all along he was going to sign there, it made the most sense”, even though every media outlet had him linked to about 10 different teams.

  3. The end is never pretty unless you go at the exact right time. This doesn’t look like it’s going to go well.

  4. I believe it is more probable than not that Tom Brady is at least generally aware of the location he may or may not be playing in next season.

  5. Yourmoderationisawaitingmycomment says:
    March 8, 2020 at 9:15 am
    I believe it is more probable than not that Tom Brady is at least generally aware of the location he may or may not be playing in next season.

    Well played.

  6. It’s hard to claim you’re tired of speculation when you were in a Super Bowl commercial fueling the speculation.

  7. This is like the Hulu commercial for the Superbowl. A bunch of drama to gain attention that ultimately means nothing.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if he puts a hulu plug in all of this and says he was never going to leave the patriots.

  8. So Tommy doesn’t want the circus (ie speculation of EVERY move he makes right now) of UFA? This is what he wanted, good and bad. Deal with it.

  9. Not sure how this compares to the Hulu commercial? The commercial was just stating that he isn’t retiring.

    I am also certain that from what I see, TB isn’t really doing much in regards to his free agency. Its everyone else that is making the fuss, hype, drama etc.

    Do we all think that Tom is telling all the media, Charlie Weis, etc. to make all these rumors and stories up?

    The less we bother with these nonsense stories the better we all will be.

  10. It would be better if he came back. Other QBs leave because their starting job was taken away. Tom is still the starter. After 20 years to just walk would sour everything.

  11. If Weis is telling it straight, then I read this as a slap at reports from Jeff Darlington and Karen Guregian, supposedly based on sources close to Brady, that it’s not looking good for Brady to opt to return to the Patriots.

  12. I know one thing. I trust “The Hoodie’s” judgment here with respect to “The G.O.A.T.” In my opinion, nobody is better qualified to assess whether it’s in the team’s best interests to continue with the player who is most responsible for giving us football heaven around these parts for the past twenty years. For that, I will be forever grateful to Tom. But, as a fan, my loyalty is not to him, but to the New England Patriots.

  13. I see Brady playing next year with the following teams, in order of likelihood:

    Bucs; or

    There’s also a possibility that he retires.

  14. It could just be me, but Brady’s play last year resembled Joe Biden’s speeches, lots of gutter balls. Pretty sure I wouldn’t offer him ANY new non-performance based money at this point in his career. There are several, not too smart, GM’s out there, but Belicheck isn’t one of them. He had a ring side seat for Tom’s performance last season. I have to admit that he would sell a lot of tickets to fans that didn’t have DirectV Sunday Ticket last year.

  15. Biggest narcissist on the planet overtaking lebron James. Never thought the king of narcissists Lebron would be overtaken in that category but low and behold Tammy Brady has done it

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