Mark Geragos weighs in on the proposed CBA

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As CBA voting continues, those who hope to defeat the deal are pulling out the big guns.

Panthers safety Eric Reid tweets that he asked his lawyers, Mark Geragos and Ben Meiselas, to review the 456-page labor agreement and to write a summary of it. Reid characterizes the deal, based on their summary, as a “bigger disaster than we could have imagined.”

That’s the strongest statement yet that anyone has made against the CBA. In using that kind of terminology, it’s critical to understand the implication. Calling the CBA a “bigger disaster than we could have imagined” represents a complete rejection of the skills, abilities, and judgment of the men who primarily negotiated the deal: NFLPA executive director DeMaurice Smith and NFLPA president Eric Winston.

If/when the players vote to reject the CBA, the players who are pushing so hard against the CBA may finally turn their attention to the men who negotiated it. And isn’t it strange that none of loudest naysayers (from Reid to Russell Okung to Richard Sherman) publicly have made the connection between the deal and De Smith in their pointed and sweeping criticisms? The moment the CBA vote fails (if it fails), the narrative likely (and conveniently) will pivot.

None of the biggest opponents of the CBA are currently making that connection, presumably because they don’t want the rank and file to realize what a “no” vote truly means. They want the players to think they’re simply sticking to the owners, or that they’re turning down what so many have described as an opening offer from management. Then, once the die is cast on what would be a DOA CBA, it will be time to take what will be the next logical step, and it will be hard at that point for any player who voted against Smith’s work product to defend him.

So, frankly, it’s starting to feel a little like a coup. Take out the CBA, and then the executive director necessarily will be taken out. And Russell Okung or some other opponent of the CBA can then install’s Andrew Brandt as the executive director, and maybe Geragos & Geragos can supplant Jeffrey Kessler as primary outside counsel.

Sorry to be so cynical, but this is all just too strange. Did Geragos review and critique a 456-page document for no fee because he was curious about it? Is Brandt motivated to constantly bash the deal by a broader agenda to personally capitalize on the wreckage of a failed CBA vote?

Ultimately, the players will decide whether to accept the CBA. But it feels like they’re being manipulated into not realizing that “no” to the CBA means “no” to De Smith. It’s only fair for all players to understand that implication before casting their ballots. And if they truly want to move on with entirely new leadership, then they should vote “no” on the CBA — because if they do vote “no” on the CBA, that’s most likely what they’re going to get.

And that’s fine, if what they want is a new executive director. The worst outcome for the union (and perhaps the best outcome for those who may be launching a coup) would be for players to vote against the CBA and then to realize at some point down the road that they inadvertently set in motion the ouster of De Smith.

32 responses to “Mark Geragos weighs in on the proposed CBA

  1. It’s really simple. Vote it up or down and let the chips fall where they may.

    This is not Rocket Science or Brain Surgery, Geeeze!

  2. Mark Geragos is Kaepernick lawyer. He has the worse reputation as an LA “ambulance chaser.”

  3. Isn’t Mark Geragos the same guy who was in the Nike scam with Avenatti and isn’t Geragos the same guy that represented that french actor…what was his name….oh yeah… Juicy Smolleye.

  4. i have no regard for Eric Reid or his lawyers opinions…i believe that you should not as well…

  5. I can’t imagine that the owners wouldn’t think that players would ask the proposal to be reviewed by an attorney. I’m sure they did and although it may not be the best deal for players making millions per year, it maybe a good deal for the players making average or below salaries. Eric Reid as always hated the league for which he made millions. So having him come out and say something negative about the deal doesn’t surprise me.

  6. If this fails (and I am starting to think it will) the players are going get a lot less in the long run for more work once they get through the next round of negotiations next year. I think its in everyone’s best interest for this to go through now.

  7. You mean Mark Geragos, the unindicted co-conspirstor of disgraced ex-lawyer Michael Avennati? That Mark Geragos? Who also represented Eric and Kaepernick in the lawsuit against the NFL and made numerous statements that just never seemed to pan out.

    Who, besides Eric Reid was clamoring for him to chime in?

  8. Not many bigger slime balls than Geragos. If he’s involved, there’s something shady going on…

  9. So weird, a month ago the vibes were positive. It seemed like we were heading towards a done deal. Now it feels like we’re quickly trending towards problems. Not sure who to believe, don’t really care, just figure it out before we start losing out on football games.

  10. I predicted on a Jets board a couple weeks ago, that the highest paid veterans, would work in tandem to destroy this deal and once again lead us to the brink next season with a very likely work stoppage. The deal benefits the rank and file guys but the highest paid veterans want things including increased revenue share that only benefit them and leave the rank and file in the status quo. It is all so predictable especially with the leadership change tomorrow and lawyers getting involved. The CBA vote will fail because too many of the rank and file will follow the greedy loudmouths blindly, and we will be lucky to have football in 2021. The owners are also super greedy but the mistake NFL elite players make is that the NFL is not about it’s star players it is about teams and star players get replaced ALL THE TIME. It is just the way the NFL is. Most players will cross the line in short order and those that don’t will fade away, losing millions for themselves as the whole thing slogs through the courts for 5 years ending in a CBA very very much like the one they have offered to them now, only with less revenue since TV contracts will go down. The elite 100 of the NFL are idiot out only for themselves.

  11. The deal is heavy on things that are good for the rank and file guys who aren’t stars and have short careers (you know- most of them), and light on things that help the stars. The stars, predictably, are looking out only for themselves.

  12. So the lawyers that represent Reid handed him a report that pushed forward the narrative that Reid wants to? I’m shocked, shocked I tell you!

  13. “This is not Rocket Science or Brain Surgery, Geeeze!”

    But it is a 456 page contract the owners will have full of pitfalls and gotchas that will take away from the players. Its not like its a simple 2 page agreement either.

  14. If Geragos is against it that probably means it’s a pretty fair deal for the average player.

  15. Mark Geragos is a gold medal ambulance chaser. Talk about disasters. If the players listen to this grifter, then they deserve what they get…

  16. gregaros has represented a vile cast of characters in his time. i doubt he has the players’ best interests in mind, only his own.

  17. If these players think this is so bad and unfair, why do they play? I mean, bigger disaster than ever imagined? Really?

  18. What I can’t figure out is how all 32 teams will play 17 games? 32 isn’t divisible by 32 in case anyone hasn’t noticed. 16 is exactly half of 32. So, unless the NFL is getting 2 expansion teams then a 17 game season is unworkable. Try to do the math. It doesn’t work!

  19. It is smart to have your lawyer review it, but don’t think that with 1500+ players it’s going to matter much…

  20. You can hire a lawyer to say anything that YOU want! Way to go Erik now everyone knows how you feel about it…..

  21. As a practicing lawyer (and I know Mike is a lawyer), there is one certainty when it comes to our profession (no it’s not greed): if you show a lawyer legal work someone else did, they’re gonna trash it.

  22. this is one of the rare times I agree with Florio. Reid and his fellow coup mates know bringing in a low-life bottom feeding media darling like Geragos will guarantee them plenty of air time in the MSM to push their false narrative designed to paint them as the victims of the new CBA.

  23. Seems like the owners screwed up by giving the players pretty much everything they asked for in negotiations, just to get the extra game. Owners clearly thought the players would be smart enough to quickly accept the offer and didn’t foresee the most overpaid players would get greedy and think they could demand even more. Should’ve pretended they didn’t want to give in to a few things up until the very end, then acted like they were so desperate to get it done that they would finally give in to the players demands and give up those last few arguing points. The greedy players would’ve ended up with this exact CBA and felt like they ‘won’ the negotiations.

  24. De Smith should be taking heat. He’s terrible at his job. The NFL CBA is the worst of all the 4 major sports leagues. The franchise tag is absurdley owner-friendly.

  25. When did Mark Geragos become a labor attorney? Did he run out of slimeball murderers to represent? I wonder if Scott Peterson ever paid him any money.

  26. Mark Geragos and Eric Reid that’s all we need to know.

    I can only assume they expect the new CBA should guarantee Kaepernick a job in the NFL.

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