NFLPA extends voting deadline by two days

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Players who want to vote on the proposed CBA will have two more days to do it.

The NFL Players Association has announced that its board of player representatives has voted to extend the deadline for voting on the proposed CBA by two days, from 11:59 p.m. ET on Thursday, March 12 to 11:59 p.m. ET on Saturday, March 14.

It’s unclear why the two-day change was made. Any player who wants to vote can vote at any time, quickly and easily. The vote by the 32 representatives was not publicized; the numbers would potentially reveal whether the change was favored by those who favor the CBA, and whether it was opposed by those who oppose it.

The NFLPA also has distributed to all players a side-by-side comparison of certain terms from the 2011 CBA and the 2020 proposal.

8 responses to “NFLPA extends voting deadline by two days

  1. A league of 32 teams cannot play a 17 game season. It is a mathematical impossibility. Oh we’ll just add a non-conference game onto each 16 team conference’s games. Ok.

    So, the divisional non-conference matchups are going to make no sense as some teams will have to play other teams annually or a helluva lot more often than the current every 4 seasons.

    Just leave it alone! The owners’ greed is going to ruin the golden goose! Don’t mess with the 16 game regular season! It is all most of us have known! 42 years!

  2. The 10 highest paid players on each team could do much better with a different deal, or no deal at all. For the other 53, including practice squad guys, this deal is probably as good as it’s going to get, with more roster spots and a significantly higher league minimum wage. That being said, people vote against their own self interest all the time, so it will be interesting to see how this resolves.

  3. I will laugh hysterically if the players reject this. They will then get locked out and ultimately settle for a much worse deal. De Smith has done all he can do. I suspect it will get approved but if not the owners will crush them.

  4. With the NFLPA extending the voting deadline by two days, the deadline is effectively two days later than the original deadline.

  5. Bad sign. The elite are going to be able to squash this and once again we will face the doomsday scenarios next year. So dumb. This deal is great for the vast majority of the NFL

  6. Okung, the only candidate for NFLPA president filed an unfair labor practice lawsuit against the NFLPA. Do you think the NFLPA will agree with the lawsuit if he get’s elected?

    Coincidentally on the same day the player reps, probably led by Aaron Rodgers, voted to delay the CBA vote.

    I can see the CBA vote being delayed while the NLRB investigates with the blessing of the NFLPA. That isn’t a bad fallback option for the Rodgers gang.

  7. The player reject and demand 50/50 revenue sharing, opt out clause after 4-5 years, guaranteed contracts.

  8. Gee. Lawyers are paid by the hour, and this mess has been extended by 2 days. Can’t be related

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