Some players want to change their CBA votes

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As the fight over the new CBA intensifies, some players who already have voted would like to have a do-over.

Dan Graziano of reports that some players have asked if they can change their votes, a la Mabel Choate. The board of player representatives voted on the issue today, and they decided against anyone changing votes.

Charles Robinson of Yahoo Sports explains that more than 1,000 players already have voted.

It’s unclear whether the players who want to change their votes predominantly hope to shift from no to yes or yes to no. Regardless, their hands have been deemed to be removed from the checker, and they can’t make a different move now.

17 responses to “Some players want to change their CBA votes

  1. Or the players should actually, you know, read the document rather than have the media point things out to them. At least have their agent interpret it for them insofar as it affects them if it is too much trouble for them to bother to read.

  2. Maybe some players voted no, and their wives made them sleep on the couch. An NFL paycheck beats a McDonalds paycheck every time.

  3. these guys also vote for the president of America and they cant even do this right lol

  4. This may be a little off topic but is 110% true… Today’s players are way too concerned with their “brand” and highlight reels and people are beginning to move on because of it. I know quite a few die-hard fans who still watch a few games here and there but not even remotely close to the same passion they used to. The biggest thing for me is that the NFLPA and the players took away an American institution because of their flat out greed. It’s a crying shame that Topps football cards are no longer made… shame on all of you.

  5. Vote early; vote often…….that’s the best way to win.

    How many “past dues” were paid recently? I’ll bet that number would surprise many.

  6. That’s a lawsuit coming. Show us in writing where the CBA states they can’t change their vote?? Lawyer up!!

  7. margoadams says:

    March 9, 2020 at 8:49 pm

    Early voting should be banned

    It’s not early voting, the window was open and they made their choice. It’s on the players who voted for not doing the research before they voted.

  8. I’m guessing that a lot of the players wanting to change their votes listened to the highly paid stars who came out against it and voted No. But now that they better understand the pay increases, better benefits, more roster spots, reduced discipline and other improvements for the players they want to change their vote to Yes.

  9. Perhaps some high paid players are laying awake at thinking about the possibility of giving up multiple millions of dollars if there is a prolonged work stoppage, and no chance to make up the deficit.

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