Falcons think they’re in good shape, despite lack of cap space

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The Falcons are projected to have just over $4 million in salary cap space when the league year starts next week, which puts them near the bottom of the NFL. But they think they’ll be fine in making the roster moves they need to make.

Falcons General Manager Thomas Dimitroff pushed back against a suggestion that the team is in “salary cap hell” on an interview in 92.9 FM in Atlanta, saying the Falcons have paid big contracts to good players and like the roster they have.

“We look at where we are spending our money and we try to decide how we are going to adjust. Sometimes, it takes more creativity in a year where you sign a lot of players to high contracts coming into a year verses another year when things are a little less active and it becomes a little easier to navigate,” Dimitroff said, via the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “This year happens to be one of those years with the players that I suggested earlier that we have signed [Matt Ryan, Julio Jones and Grady Jarrett] that it makes it more complicated.”

Dimitroff said the Falcons’ front office and head coach Dan Quinn are all on the same page about the team’s offseason plans.

“I feel we are in a really good spot,” Dimitroff said. “Meaning that I understand, and Dan understands and so does Rich McKay and Arthur Blank, where we are with this team. Where we need to continue to grow. How we need to continue to build and where we need to put our money and maybe not put our money. So, again, it will take creativity. In no way is it cap hell. We are in a solid situation that is going to continue to get better as we make some tough decisions into this offseason.”

The Falcons have gone 7-9 two years in a row, and Dimitroff and Quinn may need to improve the roster to keep their jobs beyond this year. That won’t be easy without much salary cap space, but Dimitroff doesn’t sound worried.

16 responses to “Falcons think they’re in good shape, despite lack of cap space

  1. And their 2021 cap space is already the smallest, by far – $24m is half that of the 31st place.

  2. When was the last time a team said they were bad shape with the salary cap regardless of the situation?

    Blank was delusional for bringing everyone back based on a late season run. How many times has Quinn fired his coaches to save himself?

    They will be looking up at 7-9 after this year.

  3. There are few things worse in football than coming off of two consecutive 7 win seasons (no playoffs AND not great draft position) only to have almost no cap space. I understand that the GM needs to spin the situation, but its a pretty lousy position for the fans.

  4. They should be required to have at least $28,3M in cap space to sign a free agent or two???

  5. Sounds like the folks on the Titanic who clung to the unsinkable status of the ship as they gasped their last intake of air while the ship was underwater.

    Perhaps the Falcons could book a spot with Linus in this year’s Great Pumpkin Party.

  6. Trade Ryan for Dalton (Cincy either trades the number 1 for a bunch of picks and rebuilds correctly or grooms Burrows for a year or two under Ryan) couldn’t be any worse and free up a little cash. Then trade Julio to an actual contender for some more picks (something like 1st, 4th and maybe a 3rd in the following year). Julio could be the ticket to keeping Brady in New England or just enough to entice him to someone like the Chargers or 49ers. This team just needs to clean house top to bottom including the roster.

  7. 11-5. Strong draft class coming. Pass Rusher, Guard/Center, LB, maybe RB if its a steal, (like Dobbins in the 2nd). Neal back healthy. Remember, this team beat the Saints and 49ers ON THE ROAD to finish the year last year. Lots of quality guys in that locker room, just gotta come out of the gates strong!

  8. Remember, this team beat the Saints and 49ers ON THE ROAD to finish the year last year.

    This team also beat the Panthers and Bucs on the road to finish 2018, and then started the following season 1-and-7.

  9. So in other words we should be on the lookout for Alex Mack, Devonta Freeman, Alan Bailey, Luke Stocker, etc., to be released in the next couple of days.

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