NFLPA concludes meetings with a message of unity

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The NFL Players Association has a new Executive Committee. And the new Executive Committee marked the end of the annual NFLPA meetings with a message of unity.

“We thank all the player leaders who gather at our annual meetings to engage in spirited conversation and receive accurate information from our Union’s leadership,” the Executive Committee said in a statement.

“We want to make sure that every player makes an informed decision about the future and our mission is to provide every NFL player with all the verified facts, directly from the source. It is our duty to be united, to continue to uphold our Constitution and to lead our membership to the best of our ability.”

The reference to upholding the Constitution comes at a time when former Executive Committee member Russell Okung has filed a claim with the National Labor Relations Board claiming that the NFLPA failed to follow its Constitution in pushing the CBA proposal to a full vote of the rank and file. If the pending CBA vote fails, his points will largely become moot. If the CBA prevails, Okung’s effort to blow it up could echo into the coming months.

However the vote unfolds, the NFLPA needs to get on the same page. It becomes even more critical if the CBA fails and the NFLPA has to retreat to the bargaining table against an NFL negotiating team that will be well aware of the vulnerability of a fractured NFLPA leadership team.

3 responses to “NFLPA concludes meetings with a message of unity

  1. United until the prima donna cry babies at the top of the food chain start moaning about the CBA being passed.
    They don’t want it passed because it helps the little guy and not the king of the hill. Oh poor them… A 17th game while all the little guys get a ton more money????
    Screw them. I’ve had it with these entitled millennials…

  2. Glad they say they are united. Kicking off dissenting voices helps get that done.

    The “new executive committee” should have seen if they had a super majority of support or opposition to the proposed CBA. Other than recommending to have the members vote, not sure that they have taken a position up/down. In fact. The new NFLPA President has the neutral position.

  3. The only prima donna’s are the babies crying about something that has little to do with them. Just shut up and “boycott”, this time really do it though!

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