Texans extend Darren Fells

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Texans tight end Darren Fells will be staying in Houston, and getting a raise.

Fells, who signed a one-year, $1.5 million contract with the Texans last year, has now agreed to a two-year, $7 million contract with the Texans, Ian Rapoport of NFL Network reports.

The 6-foot-7, 270-pound Fells has been primarily a blocking tight end throughout his NFL career. But last year he had career-highs in catches (34), yards (341) and touchdowns (seven).

Houston likes the way the 33-year-old Fells fits in the offense, and now he’s going to remain in Houston’s offense for at least another year.

2 responses to “Texans extend Darren Fells

  1. Despite 10 years on the job, the Tight-End position in Houston was completely neglected by former GM Rick Smith [so were the oline, WR, S a CB], whose primary and really only job qualification was being the godfather to one of Texans’ owner Bob McNair’s grandkids.
    For some reason, despite 4 division titles in 6 years, only having D.Watson for 2.5 of those 6 yrs, no oline for 5.5 of those 6 yrs, most of the fans in Houston whom have never sniffed a Super Bowl (last time in a conference championship was 1980), meaning they wouldn’t know winning if it slapped em upside the head, don’t think much of Billy O’Brien.
    But O’Brien has rebuilt the TE position (there’s 3, and maybe 4 quality players now), the oline (Tusil and the two rooks who didn’t start until game 4 last year will be much more cohesive with an offseason, etc together) and he’s now focusing on the DB’s which was left a mess by Smith. All of the holes Rick Smith left can’t be filled in a day, yet despite this, Billy O’Brien keeps winning. Does he gaffe a timeout call or a replay review now and then, sure, but so do 31 other coaches.
    If DeShaun Watson can grow up a bit – when the Texans built a 24 pt lead on the Chiefs in the playoffs Watson is on his sideline playing air guitar (go check the video, it’s the 1st qtr and the immature Watson is playing air guitar, how embarassing for him), Mahomes is rallying his troops…meanwhile after the Texans fell behind, did Watson rally his troops? Nope. He moped while he sat on the bench.
    If Watson grows up the Texans are poised…fix the DB situation just enough and the talent is there at all position groups…and they have a coach whose proven despite very little given him by Rick Smith (Brock Osweiller, Tom Savage, TJ Yates, Ryan Mallet..should I go on?), just wins.

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