Austin Ekeler thinks Tom Brady’s a good fit for Chargers

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No teams other than the Patriots can officially make a pitch to Tom Brady until the legal tampering window opens next Monday, but players from outside New England can share their thoughts on why Brady would make a good addition to the team.

Chargers running back Austin Ekeler did that during an appearance on NFL Network. The Chargers have been mentioned as a potential suitor for Brady and Ekeler said he thinks the team has offensive talent that would help Brady be successful. He also outlined what he thinks Brady would bring to the team.

“Here’s why I think it would be a good fit. We just lost a lot of leadership in Philip Rivers, right? So it’s like, all right, there’s a void there,” Ekeler said. “Also, Russell Okung, one of our tackles, got traded. He was one of our team leaders as well. So there’s a void in leadership right there. It’s an opportunity for people to step up, but if you bring a guy like Tom Brady in the room, he’s been there, done that. He’s already got the leadership qualities and he’s already proven that he’s a winner. So hey, we can build something around that, too.”

There have been varying reports about the chances of Brady and the Chargers coming together, but Brady’s message has been that “nobody knows anything” at this point. It won’t be too much longer before that changes, however.

11 responses to “Austin Ekeler thinks Tom Brady’s a good fit for Chargers

  1. Move from one old man to the next ..draft a young QB and sit him for a year to learn !!
    Father time has spoken ?

  2. Ekeler has now become the official voice of the Chargers? I never heard Gates speak on who should or should not be no the team during what amounts to a HOF career. I use Gates because he too was an bonus/surprise player.

    You got your money (well deserved) now let the powers that be make the call. Not that their braintrust/owner are competent but still…

  3. Brady also usually makes good use of receiving RBs, so it may be a fit with what Ekeler does well.

  4. I don’t think Brady will go to the Chargers, but it would make sense for the Chargers to try and get Brady to make use of the current talent and also draft a great young QB to start after Brady.

    That would kind of be a no risk situation for the Chargers given the tickets and jerseys they would sell. The money they pay Brady would be offset easily. If Brady didn’t play well you would have the future QB waiting in the wings anyway. Seems like a no brainer to try for that.

    That said… they could have done the same with Rivers still there too.

  5. Course he would. Passes to running backs are more or less the only passes he completes nowadays.

  6. His pitch is they lost a lot of leadership and need Brady to fill it???

    Wow, I want to sign up right now!

  7. Brady is going to the LA Bolts. It’s been obvious, beyond obvious, since last Fall when Brady put his Massachusetts home up for sale. There’s really no other fit. (the only other possibility is SF if they made the very risky move of moving off a young QB whose still developing but already QB’d them to a SB). If the SF door opens Brady goes home to finish his career. If not, he and Gisele begin their post football businesses in southern Cal while Brady plays hookie 16 times a year.

    If I’m the Bolts, go get Brady AND draft a QB…have him sit for 2-3 years, much like Rodgers, Garrapolo…most rookie QBs need to sit and learn for a year or two.

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