Kyle Van Noy wants to be a priority for a team in free agency

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Linebacker Kyle Van Noy said in January that he’d love to stay with the Patriots in 2020, but nothing’s been done to keep the impending free agent from hitting the market next week.

Van Noy told Mike Garafolo of NFL Media that he hasn’t had any talks with the team about a new deal at this point. That may be because of the wait to see what happens with the Collective Bargaining Agreement or it could be because they’re going to see what happens with Tom Brady before making any other calls, but Van Noy said he’s not planning to sit tight and wait for the team to come his way.

“It is interesting, but I’m going to be honest, I want to be a priority for a team and I feel I have to go where someone is going to make me a priority,” Van Noy said. “I’m sure New England knows that. If that opportunity comes, it comes. I’ll be frank, I don’t see myself waiting around. I’m pretty sure those guys aren’t going to wait around either. They’re really good at their craft. They’re at the top of the league at their position so it’ll be interesting.”

Van Noy has been a very productive and versatile piece of the defense since arriving in a trade with the Lions in 2016. Those traits should make our No. 39 free agent a priority for someone next week.

8 responses to “Kyle Van Noy wants to be a priority for a team in free agency

  1. I like him and he said that because he knows how the Patriots operate. They don’t panic and sign guys early if they think there are going to be other options, and it’s possible they’ll tell his agent to go see whats out there and then get back to them at which time they’ll decide if he’s worth that kind of money, or maybe they’ve already found someone else they have their sights on

  2. Van Noy will be like alot of the players who leave NE. He will go after the money and he will turn out to be a player not worth the investment.

  3. It always comes down to 1 simple choice in New England: Making some money or winning some games.
    When he says he wants “to be a priority” he means he wants someone to make him a market-value offer. He knows that offer won’t come from the Patriots.

  4. Van Noy is a beast on the field and he’s been great on local sports TV; both thoughtful and funny. He’s also a hard worker for community and charitable organizations. I hope he comes back to the Patriots, but if he goes elsewhere, that team and that city will be glad to have him.

  5. Van Noy stinks. New England doesn’t want him back because they know he’s a product of Belicheats system.

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