Packers appear set to move on from Bryan Bulaga

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Packers right tackle Bryan Bulaga wondered after their playoff loss to the 49ers if he had just played his last game for the team.

With free agency creeping closer, that appears to be the case.

According to Jim Owczarski of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, the Packers haven’t had any formal talks with the veteran free agent, and a return to Green Bay “seems unlikely.”

While he should still have a decent market, the Packers may prefer to get younger at the position.

Bulaga turns 31 in 10 days, but is coming off his first 16-game season in the last three years. He’s started 111 games since joining in the first round of the 2010 NFL Draft, but has only started all 16 games twice.

There are a number of veteran options in free agency, including Jared Veldheer, who came out of retirement to join them late last year. There’s also a list of guys including Mike Remmers and Demar Dotson, but with the Packers trying to skew younger with free agents, they may look to the draft for the long-term answer there.

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  1. Any year that Bulaga started 15 or more games, the Packers made it to the NFC Championship game. Unfortunately, that only happened 4 times.

  2. The league should hire Bryan to work with players on ensuring financial stability after football. He has built a $45 million nest egg during his career. He played hurt more often than he played healthy but still was a top L tackle in the league. 2 big thumbs up for him in whatever he chooses to do(excluding of course signing with the minisoda clown posse)!

  3. This surprises me a little, unless the Packers have a plan they haven’t shared with me yet.

  4. Betting he’ll go somewhere and play well, just like Randal Cobb did.
    The issue is always predicting injury vs. long-term deal.

  5. Smart to not overpay for a oft injured left tackle free agent.that money can go elsewhere to help the team.some team will overpay him and hope that he stays healthy but its a big gamble.

  6. Such a great person and player. Hate to see him go, but all good things come to an end if so. It’s about cap space, age/health, and the fact that the Packers after failing when he has been out in the past, but finding suitable replacements last year, are not at the deficit they were at in the past with play drop off and the odds that hew ill go down again based on modeling.
    He may be one of those guys that comes back and asked them to match or takes a reduced amount over an offer from another team, but Gutey seems to close the door more that TT would have and that worked for him and the Packers so far.
    Automatic Packers Hall of Fame member in Green Bay. Wish him well unless he is playing the Packers.

  7. Bulaga can now move to a team whose NFLPA rep cares about all the team’s players and not just himself. Lucky day for Bryan.

  8. True , he has been injury prone but he’s also a well respected guy who is brings a lot to the table as a team leader so that impacts his value also . The real issue is the Packers sending another respected veteran packing (pun intended) while coddling Arwhine Rodgers , a guy who doesn’t have enough respect from the team to get them to respond to him about the CBA . Have a feeling this is the season the Packers fans will be more concerned about their draft position then the possibility of making the playoffs .

  9. Sign him, Fins–but don’t over pay since he is getting kinda old. If they draft Tua they’ll need a really good RT.

  10. Speaking of NFLPA rep’s, I haven’t heard anything from the designated representative for the Vikings, Adam Thielen. At least Rodgers, who doesn’t need the money, has strongly come out against the CBA proposal because of the detrimental effect it will have on the young players over time. Stefon Diggs understands and supports and agrees with Rodgers, even if Thielen is too afraid to ay anything. His designated alternate, Kirk Cousins, has also been silent.

    Leaders lead. Rodgers is a leader. Thielen is a pretender.

  11. Bulaga’s agent is looking for big money. $11mil/yr and god only knows for how many years and how much guaranteed money.
    As much as I hate to see Bulaga leave,…. you can’t put that much money at risk when the window is open. I’d say they reach into free agency for a RT,… or sign Veldheer and then select a prospect early in the draft. I don’t like Remmers. Demar Dotson would be a good choice.

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