Tony Grossi back on the air after suspension for Baker Mayfield comments

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Longtime Cleveland sports reporter Tony Grossi returned to the airwaves Wednesday, after a two-week suspension for calling Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield a “f—ing midget” when he thought he was off the air.

Grossi, who has had a contentious relationship with Mayfield for some time, apologized again and said the suspension was “traumatic” for him.

“It’s great to be back. I’m excited to be back. I got a lot of support from those who matter,” Grossi said during his return to 850 WKNR, via Joey Morona of the Cleveland Plain Dealer. “A few things I do want to say. This obviously was a situation taken very seriously by our company and by me. For me, it’s been humiliating, it’s been quite traumatic, in fact. But it’s also been a learning experience to me.”

Grossi has covered the Browns for over 30 years, with a long stint at the Plain Dealer before joining ESPN Cleveland and the radio station. And he said Wednesday that watching a lot of bad football can change a man.

“Being on the front lines of what we jokingly call the ’100 Years War’ is a unique experience,” he said. “It’s not like covering the Cleveland Cavaliers or the Cleveland Indians. It’s certainly not like covering the Steelers or the Packers, teams that have a lot of success and a lot of fun and a lot of joy.

“And I don’t take it lightly, this career that I’ve had, this job that I have here at WKNR and ESPN Cleveland. Occasionally, I have misstepped. This is my fumble. It won’t define me. What will define me is stepping up, learning from it, moving forward and doing the positive things I need to do to show that I’m a better person from it. And that’s what I intend to do.”

Whether his relationship with Mayfield will ever improve remains to be seen, but Grossi has acknowledged his role in their problems.

18 responses to “Tony Grossi back on the air after suspension for Baker Mayfield comments

  1. It’s obvious that Grossi simply can’t stand Baker. How can we expect objective reporting by him going forward. If I were Baker, I’d simply ignore this guy whenever he asked a question.

  2. Where was the apology for what he said? What’s provided here is just a statement that’s all about him.

  3. Grossi has covered the Browns for over 30 years


    This man has said worse about the Browns

  4. Sooo… members of the corporate infotainment media can’t criticize NFL players. Or, is just certain Quarterbacks who are untouchable? Also, why would this guy need to have a relationship with Mayfield in order to do his job?

  5. The guy is an idiot. The Browns should not give out any press credentials to anyone employing a guy who has said the things he has about Baker Mayfield. He went over the line in remarks about Mayfield on multiple occasions. Frankly, I don’t like Mayfield and though those sorts of things may be true someone who has been in broadcasting for over 30 years should know better.

  6. As much as I don’t care for Tony and his reportimng, I didn’t feel what he said was a fireable offense. Going back to his infamous tweet concerning Randy Lerner, which did get him fired, Tony has shown he has a history of backstabbing those who are part of the Brown’s organization. I realize the Browns are an easy target, but his lack of professionalism is appalling.

  7. Look, Baker Mayfield has his issues, but this guy is clearly not fit for his job. Getting angry on sports radio does not make one a bigger fan. It just makes one an angry voice on sports radio. Like it or not, Mayfield is the Browns’ QB, and why you would try to detract from him as a fan is beyond me. It’s one thing if it is valid criticism-i.e, this QB needs to read presnap coverages better, or in Baker’s case, stop forcing passes to recievers who clearly will not deliver-but if you’re insulting a player just to insult him, you don’t need to be broadcasting covering that team.

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