XFL ratings down 63 percent from Week One

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From a TV perspective, spring football continues to behave like spring. It came in like a lion, and it likely will go out like a lamb.

Via Sports Business Daily, XFL ratings have dropped 63 percent since Week One.

The four Week Five games televised by FOX, ABC, ESPN, and FS1 averaged 1.16 million viewers. Sunday’s games averaged 767,000 on FS1 (St. Louis at D.C.) and 833,000 on ESPN (Tampa at L.A.).

According to ESPN, Saturday’s game between Seattle and Houston averaged 1.546 million. FOX’s Saturday game (New York at Dallas) had an audience of 1.497 million.

The two Sunday games were the first of 10 televised by XFL to fall under a million average viewers.

The numbers remain strong in comparison to other sporting events on TV, but the trend is definitely not the XFL’s friend. And this weekend, the XFL will compete with NCAA conference tournaments.

If the tournaments proceed. And if the XFL games proceed.

13 responses to “XFL ratings down 63 percent from Week One

  1. Ok well I watched on Saturday but when there are no games on basic cable on Sunday then you’re going to have less ratings. Not everyone has ESPN.

  2. The question becomes though does it stabilize there or close to it? Or does it continue to drop? If it continues to drop it becomes an issue, if it stabilizes then they’ve found their fan base and it’s up to them to continue to keep them as well as grow it over time.

  3. I am with Sunday Swami. A number if only a number until it is not longer a number. To survive the NFL needs a large number to be successful. XFL may need a million. It isn’t a competition. It is a business model. So same as Florio comes on every week to talk about horrendous attendance numbers (which met or exceeded league expectations) it is about the model.

  4. Love how the XFL bots remain positive with all the up thumbs to promote a ‘positive’ XFL experience. —- Eventually, truth will win out. The XFL is another failed experiment with substandard players, coaches & make believe fan bases.— If you’re a true football fan, NFL free-agency & the draft are just around the corner.

  5. The key is they compare well to the other sports on TV. It’s dropped a lot since the opening week but they’ve average over a mill per game a week which is very promising. For a league with players no one really knows it’s been relatively successful and will only get better as they develop a few players people can get to know and follow. The biggest issue for the league now is that they might have the bottom fall out of their attendance due to the Covid 19 pandemic.

  6. I hope attendance levels off. If they can keep 10k people coming to games they can build the league and make money. There are plenty of concerts and minor league sports that are profitable with 10k or fewer people coming every night.

  7. I don’t think comparing to Week 1 is terribly insightful. The curiosity factor was huge.

    If they’re still drawing as well as circumstances permit and it’s competitive in the ratings, I think that exceeds expectations.

    It’s a long term play, let’s see how it goes.

    I’ve enjoyed most games I’ve watched despite the lack of starpower. Now that the offense has caught up a bit (because faootball) it’s pretty entertaining.

  8. The decline in viewers shouldn’t be much of surprise. Among a bunch of factors, as the Spring weather improves, most people would rather be outside do something, rather than sitting inside watching essentially a cold weather sport.

  9. Seems like what should happen is to have the great high school teams play on national TV and to forgo this charade that the XFL even reaches that level of play.

    Weather is not a factor – otherwise March Madness wouldn’t happen during this time and the NBA playoffs would also not be at this time.

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