Colleges curtailing spring football activities

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The spring is usually a time for college football teams to practice and hold exhibition games to show off some of what fans can expect to see on the field in the fall.

Like many other areas of American life this month, the normal course of events is being interrupted by COVID-19. Schools around the country have announced changes and cancellations to their schedules for the coming weeks.

Baylor announced that they will postpone the start of practice until at least March 23 and suspend all recruiting visits to the school. Virginia has suspended all football activities for an indefinite period of time and schools like Michigan, Ohio State, Cincinnati, TCU, Nevada and Kent State have all called off their spring games.

Given the push to eliminate large gatherings, there are sure to be other cancellations to come as schools adapt to the realities of the moment.

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  1. This is going to be fun – limited ability for young players to be in football shape for the fall season should produce a bumper crop of wannabee numba ones developing injuries to put them in the 200’s!

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