NFL could delay free agency on Sunday

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The NFL currently has “no plans” to delay the start of free agency. Those plans could be changing, soon.

Per a league source, the NFL currently is contemplating the possibility of announcing on Sunday a delay in the start of free agency. The league wants to wait until after voting on the CBA closes before making a final decision, in order to prevent further delays to the CBA voting process.

The league is keenly aware of the optics of players agreeing to terms on multi-million-dollar deals while the rest of the nation is adjusting to what will still be as of next week the early days of the coronavirus crisis. Likewise, with teams closing facilities, the traditional practice of new players showing up and signing contracts and conducting press conferences and holding up new jerseys can’t happen next week.

Despite the fact that the rest of the sports world has shut down, there’s a real question as to whether anyone will care about the transactions that will happen next week.

The NFL has the ability to delay the free-agency process; it did just that for more than four months in 2011, due to the lockout. This time around, the stakes are much higher than a garden-variety labor dispute. The league can, should, and quite possibly will delay the launch of the annual spending spree.

23 responses to “NFL could delay free agency on Sunday

  1. I hope they consider how much revenue will be lost with this “national panic” so they can adjust the salary cap down accordingly…

  2. I don’t agree. The public needs a diversion from the current chatter of virus. The politicians are all grandstanding and attempting to make points off this pandemic. The free agency does not gather hundred of people together and is no threat to public health. Goodell, stop being a wimp and stop politisizing ever move you make!

  3. If they keep as is, sports radio will only be talking about this, since no other sports are playing.

  4. The NFL needs to do the right thing here and cancel the 2020 AND 2021 season. I heard OVER 80% of those who contract COVID-19 get the sniffles. It’s realy, REALLY bad.

  5. Why even bother, all the impending FAs’ agents have talked with all the teams anyway.

  6. Yes, finally an NFL season to be played on Madden from couches around the globe. Put me in coach, I’m ready to play!

    My time to shine!

  7. Big Pharma making mega bucks selling corona virus tests? This whole thing stinks to high heaven.

  8. Don’t postpone. Fans are looking for something other than coronavirus in the news. There are no other sports in action, FA will own the sports market and be a distraction from the constant Corona talk.

    Yes, everybody should be aware of the virus. But it doesn’t need to be 24/7 talk of it. Give me my distraction. Give me NFL news.

  9. There’s no reason to delay anything as far as the corona virus goes. People can use their phones, computers, and take their own pictures to negotiate and sign. Same with the draft. No need to have this big spectacle.

  10. Never made sense to me that free agency is before the draft. Why not target free agents after you’ve had access to the rookie talent pool?

  11. If you’re listening to the one news channel that’s saying this is no big deal, it’s time to switch

  12. Did I miss something and suddenly phones and the internet weren’t things anymore? Why would you delay free agency? Chances were better than not that they’re going to follow the money anyways so delaying the inevitable seems rather foolish to me.

  13. Let’s give it a couple of months, but I give it even money odds that the 2020 season is not played.

  14. DEAR NFL,
    Please do not delay Free Agency. I look forward to this every year, and with no other sports happening, this would be the last highlight for fans. This is a NEEDED distraction from current events and will help to brighten moods.
    Greenbleeder (GO BIRDS!)

  15. The ONLY reason Roger will delay free agency, is if he has come up with a way to make money off delaying free agency.

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