NFLPA huddling with medical experts on Friday

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The decisions made by the NFL, whenever they are made and whatever they are, won’t happen in a vacuum. The NFL Players Association will have a voice in the things done by pro football in the coming days and weeks, and the NFLPA is in the process of gathering the information needed to contribute to those conversations.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, the NFLPA plans to conduct an extended conference call with medical experts on Friday in order to gather information necessary to make appropriate plans for the offseason, and if need be beyond.

From pressing pause on free agency to adjusting the approach to pre-draft workouts and visits to delaying the draft and/or moving it to adjusting offseason rules, many decisions must be made. The league, if it has made any such decisions, has not shared them with anyone, yet.

Presumably, everyone involved is taking it seriously, putting public health before financial interests. These are strange times that will reveal in many instances those who truly care about their fellow man and those who care only about their own self-interests. Hopefully, the NFL will become a bright example for all of us regarding how to properly handle the situation in order to limit the spread of the virus, which will both save lives and reduce the inevitable strain on the American health-care system.

3 responses to “NFLPA huddling with medical experts on Friday

  1. This is all well and good, but the NFLPA also should have been huddling with medical experts to determine what an extra game per year of taking hits to their heads will do to their brains.

  2. NFL Logic:
    Odds of virus contact in the current schedule are 1 in 16.
    Odds of virus contact in upcoming proposed schedule are 1 in 17.

    1 in 17 are worse odds than 1 in 16. Therefore, 17 games is a safer way to go than 16 (or heaven forbid, curtailing some league activity altogether). #logic

  3. Why do they need to consult medical “experts”? Do you really need a medical expert to tell you to avoid contact with strangers as much as possible and that large gatherings of people from various locations is a bad idea? Medical experts have been telling us all that for weeks. The NFL and the NFLPA are not special. It isn’t hard, folks. Cancel the crowds. The draft can happen via telephone. OTAs and training camp should follow the typical precautions that ALL other companies are dealing with. As for the games, that decision need not be made yet but if there is still a significant risk then they should be, at a minimum, fan-free events. Nobody tunes in to watch a sporting event based on the size of the crowd. Maybe the union should be discussing how they will provide their 48.5% of the season ticket refunds that may be coming.

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