Rob Ryan: Dwayne Haskins wasn’t ready for the NFL

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As the new coaching staff in Washington prepares to decide whether to keep quarterback Dwayne Haskins as the starter in 2020, a member of the 2019 coaching staff had a candid assessment regarding Haskins’ performance as a rookie.

He’s a good kid,” former Washington linebackers coach Rob Ryan told Colin Cowherd, via USA Today. “He’s got a big arm, a lot of talent, but definitely not ready for the rigors of the NFL.”

Ryan nevertheless saw improvement over the course of Haskins’ first year in the NFL.

“He got a lot better from when he was thrown into games,” Ryan said. “I remember in New York, it was awful. He wasn’t ready. We threw him in the game and it wasn’t fair to the kid. He just wasn’t ready. So at least each week I saw him trying to get better. I saw him trying to meet with [former Washington quarterbacks coach] Tim Rattay, who’s a real fine coach now at Oklahoma State. He was trying to get better.”

Washington, which has the second overall pick in the 2020 draft, plans to do their due diligence (although not much more can be done) on the top quarterbacks in this year’s class. The team also has Alex Smith under contract.

19 responses to “Rob Ryan: Dwayne Haskins wasn’t ready for the NFL

  1. Haskins is going to be a bust. I wouldn’t be shocked in the least bit if we see the Redskins draft a QB to replace him.

  2. Haskins was supposed to play last year. I hope the new staff give him a chance.

  3. Haskins is middle of the road talent at best, and probably more along the lines of serviceable journeyman

  4. Funny how people aren’t talking about how these comments are coming from Rob Ryan of all people

  5. Funny how screaming A Smith and Max kellerman were wailing endlessly on the air and slamming the Giants for not drafting this major bust. Of course those 2 won’t talk about how much Haskins sucks.

  6. Haskins played much better down stretch than armchair GMs give him credit for. Give him some time to develop.

  7. Hey lets give this young man the ample opportunity to prove he does or doesn’t belong.
    Sincerely the NFC East.

  8. His final season at Ohio State Haskins completed 70% of his passes for 4,831 yards, 50 TD’s and only 8 int’s. Is anyone actually going to tell me stats can be misleading? No, of course not. Sign him to a $200 million contract. If you lose very game, just keep checking those beautiful stats. If your fans complain, just tell them to look at his 2018 Ohio State stats. You think I’m joking? GM’s actually get paid millions of dollars to make decisions like this, and they look at stats. You could see on tape, plane as day, this kid wasn’t even close to an NFL QB. QB’s can be difficult to evaluate. This guy wasn’t. Unless you were planning a whole lot of hoping and praying, but then those are the guys you sign as free agents. And people wonder why Bill Belichick goes to the super bowl every year. Is he that smart, or is everyone just not all that bright? Maybe somewhere in between.

  9. thermanmerman99 says:
    March 13, 2020 at 5:20 pm
    >screaming A Smith and Max kellerman


  10. Anyone who declares Haskins a bust at this point is utterly clueless. There is zero basis to make that claim.

    The head coach didn’t want him because his job was on the line and he didn’t want a rookie QB. So, Haskins got no prep to be a starter and the coach didn’t adjust his offense to give the kid a chance to succeed. Haskins started playing better as the season progressed and, while not great, had some good games.

    Haskins’ floor is an average NFL QB, but his ceiling is a lot higher. He has elite arm talent.

  11. How many rookies are truly ready to compete with 10 year pro’s? He worked hard to get better. What more can you ask? Give him a couple years before writing him off? Look at his stats. 56.7% completions and 28 interceptions. Just kidding. Those are Peyton Manning’s rookie stats. Haskins was 58.6% and 7 ints.

  12. Washington is likely Intentionally putting out there the notion they may go the QB route At #2. If you’re a team looking for a QB, trading up to the spot will be necessary to assure getting the one you want.

    Washington Trades, drops back a spot or two and Still gets Chase. They then get say the number 1 pick in 2021. Go through a crappy season and get QB Lawrence next year.

  13. You guys stop knocking on Rob Ryan! He is not lying!!! Do you know why Haskins was not NFL ready??? Jay Gruden did not get him ready! and its as simple as that!!! For all of you calling Haskins a bust…..I take it you did not see him play down the stretch!!! Dude was balling!!!…..Some of you guys must be too young to remember Troy Aikmans rookie season,They were calling him a bust too!!!

  14. Haskins will be better this year, Rivera is an improvement over Gruden.
    The Redskins will never be a good team as long as Snyder is the owner.
    Sell the team Danny.

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