XFL will release to NFL or CFL players with a “credible contractual offer”

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The XFL has suspended play and will pay players their base salaries through the balance of the season. But XFL players may exit for the NFL and CFL under specific circumstances.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, the XFL will release a player from his contract if a “credible contractual offer” is made by an NFL or CFL team, and if the offer is submitted to the XFL.

A player who is invited for an NFL or CFL workout will be permitted to participate, but he will be required to sign a waiver and will remain under contract with the XFL.

The XFL contracts otherwise run through May 31. Which gives the XFL a window to return for a championship game; at least one coach has told at least one player that the XFL hopes to potentially return for a final game to cap the 2020 season.

The Houston Roughnecks, the only undefeated team at 5-0, would be one of the two teams in a championship game. If quarterback P.J. Walker lands with an NFL team, that would make it harder for the Roughnecks to win, if the XFL ultimately is able to return this year.

5 responses to “XFL will release to NFL or CFL players with a “credible contractual offer”

  1. The XFL is done for the year. They will get the bugs out , understand they need to stay small and build and be back in 2021!

  2. Hopefully, the virus gets handled and the issue becomes problematic. Best case scenario for the Nation.

  3. Translation: NFL don’t screw with us by pulling our talent and then cutting them just to scuttle our league.

    What I saw, I liked. The XFL has the money and the leadership to be an entertaining product. Sad that we may have to wait until 2021 until the first XFL Champion is crowned.

    Rooting for the XFL in Baltimore.

  4. This is a well run organization now. Great move to do this for the players. They have evolved and NO, I don’t miss Jesse Ventura in the announcers booth. .

  5. All players should be eligible regardless. This league won’t be back next year. They were bleeding money and attendance was down significantly (even before the flu).

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