Aldon Smith “in the process” of applying for reinstatement

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Former 49ers and Raiders pass rusher Aldon Smith last played in 2015. In 2020, he’s trying to play again.

Jim Trotter of NFL Media reports that Smith is “in the process” of applying for reinstatement.

The seventh overall pick in the 2011 draft, Smith has served multiple suspensions under both the substance-abuse policy and the Personal Conduct Policy. His latest suspension arose from an alleged hit-and-run, DUI, and vandalism incident in 2015.

The new CBA, if ratified, relaxes the substance-abuse policy. However, it does not change the procedures for reinstatement, leaving the decision within the sole discretion of the Commissioner, with no timeline or any other rules for the final decision to be made by Roger Goodell.

Smith took the league by storm early in his career, with 33.5 sacks in his first 32 regular-season games, and 42 in his first 43. But the 49ers released Smith during the 2014 season, his fourth in the league.

The following year, Smith joined the Raiders. His most recent suspension happened during the 2015 season, his first and only in Oakland.

Still only 30, Smith could have some productive years left. But first he’s got to get back in. And then he has to find a way to stay there.

24 responses to “Aldon Smith “in the process” of applying for reinstatement

  1. Absolute monster as a pass-rusher. If people like Burfict, Brown, Incognito, Gordon, McClain, etc. all got reinstated Aldon should have a good shot too. As long as he can keep his mental health together he could have a solid 3-4 years if hes kept in top shape these years. Hope he doesnt leverage his well-being for a game…

  2. There’s a better chance of Cornovirus going away in 2 months than this guy making an NFL comeback.

  3. Lots of broke former pot heads 30 and over looking for NFL money D E S P E R A T E M O D E .
    I dont know how I feel about this to be truthful. I think most teams and fans alike just want players to be DEPENDABLE to be able to COUNTED ON.

  4. I cheer athletes who find a way to defeat their demons and fight back to reclaim a piece of the life they threw away. NONE OF US are perfect! I look at Hollywood Henderson and Darryl Strawberry and think of how they have now dedicated their lives to helping others to live a life of sobriety. I hope Mr. Smith can walk the same path as they did.

  5. If he’s kept himself out of trouble and followed/completed any league mandated programs such as substance abuse, he should get consideration for reinstatement. If he hasn’t then no.

  6. Wouldn’t be surprised if BB takes him for peanuts and makes him a pro bowler. Otherwise, hard pass.

  7. Always amazed at the armchair experts who dismiss the future of a troubled Pro, what i do know is that at one time Smith was a stud athlete who was a dominating force on the field, and that was with obviously personal issues, I can only imagine how productive he could be if those issues have been put in order and he wants to realize what he could really be…

    I wouldn’t bet against it happening

  8. I dunno what he could have left 5 years removed from the game with said time spent in a drunken stupor. He needs to try the XFL first if they will have him..

  9. Aldon was a beast when he played and didn’t have off the field issues. A lot of wasted talent.

  10. Didn’t this guy say “bomb” on an airplane? Oh and doesnt he have more DUI’s than Billy Joel?

  11. This guy had talent. He was one of the greatest pass rushers in the game and had a chance to have a special career (as did a few other players) but just can’t seem to stay out of trouble. I think his stint with the Raiders may have been his last choice…and it didn’t take him long to throw that one away. It wasn’t just substance abuse either. He had multiple run-ins with the law that showed he has very poor decision-making abilities.

    At this point he’s been out of football nearly five years. He has loads of baggage. Even if someone signs him it will be for the league minimum and no guaranteed money. If Smith thinks he’s going to get a big contract he’s fooling himself. He’s a low-risk player and would be good for a team that is willing to take a risk on a guy that probably won’t be around long until his next suspension then it’s a good move. How could any team honestly think they can depend on him to stay out of trouble?

  12. There is always a job for a pass rusher in this league. Reinstated or otherwise.

  13. Gosh, I’m so surprised an ignorant comment like this is coming from this clown. Weed doesn’t caUse people to go broke, idiot. It’s certainly cost former NFL players but even if this guy smoked every day over the past 4-5 years, he should still have plenty of coin left. Nice try though, enjoy your 8-8 season AGAIN, LOSER!

    calizcowboyz says:
    March 14, 2020 at 1:56 pm
    Lots of broke former pot heads 30 and over looking for NFL money D E S P E R A T E M O D E .
    I dont know how I feel about this to be truthful. I think most teams and fans alike just want players to be DEPENDABLE to be able to COUNTED ON.

  14. No mention of what/where he’s been. If it took him 4 years of rehab to be capable of playing again, that’s some serious problem.

  15. He played next to Justin Smith. A true beast that might have got away with a few things. Aldon never had it better and never produced without him. Headcase that threw away a career. Maybe the joke Redskins organization will employ him to play D with Foster…… When not in jail

  16. If he gets reinstated, some team will give him a workout. Should go to the XFL for a year and get in game shape.

  17. To be clear he didn’t do anything while playing for the Raiders. He was probably better off in the league than out on his own. His suspension while with the Raiders was known to be coming before the Raiders signed him. It was the reason the 49ers cut him.

    He was also all set to come back, had been training the whole time and the league dragged their feet, again. They reinstated other players but somehow just past him by.

  18. He’s a nut. The Raiders should see these head cases a mile away and realize the teams letting them go are doing so for a real reason.

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