Jayron Kearse doesn’t want to return to Vikings

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Soon-to-be free agent safety Jayron Kearse has played his entire career in Minnesota, but he appears to be done with the Vikings.

Kearse wrote on Twitter that he doesn’t want to stay in Minnesota. When a fan tweeted that Kearse would want to return to the Vikings, Kearse replied, “No jayron doesn’t want to come back.”

The Vikings also may not want Kearse back. He pleaded guilty to driving while intoxicated last month, and he’s likely to be suspended to start the season. The team may have decided to move on, and that may have motivated Kearse to say he wants to move on as well.

Last year Kearse played 25 percent of the Vikings’ defensive snaps and 53 percent of their special teams snaps. He is scheduled to become a free agent on Wednesday.

16 responses to “Jayron Kearse doesn’t want to return to Vikings

  1. Bye bye! Don’t let the stadium doors hit you in the rear on the way out…

  2. Kearse was a late round safety with hips made of cement. Zimmer coached up him to be a 6’5″ starting cornerback and this is the thanks we get. Very likely the Vikings didn’t want him back. Good riddance, he will be quickly forgotten.

  3. The guy was playing behind two of the top rated safeties in the NFL, was too big and slow to play corner, and was busted for aggravated DUI. The Vikes developed the guy from a low round draft pick, played him on special teams and as a hybrid, and he whines like a 13 year old girl about playing time. Like I said before, they just must not teach self-awareness at Clemson.

  4. He had opportunities and really didn’t take advantage of them. Good luck at the next stop.

  5. Kearse didn’t like how the Vikings handled his DWI case. Well that is part of the business Kearse it sounds like he still needs to grow up.I thought before that incident he deserved more playing time as he was better than Alexander who received more playing time.Some team will sign him as he is a good player. I guess it is easier to be mad at the team than yourself for messing up. Some of these comments are way too much. He wants to start or play more. That wasn’t happening with the Vikings so why would he want to come back?

  6. Not sure how the Vikings will recover. 7th rounder guy gets arrested for DWI, the team sticks with him and HE is the one that wants out. Good luck.

  7. But I thought everyone wanted to play for the Vikings? I mean….that’s what we’ve been told over and over and over for decades.

  8. Kearse was itching to leave and for some reason had a grudge against the organization. Good luck on the one year deal in Detroit pal.

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