New CBA won’t automatically reinstate Josh Gordon

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Yes, the new CBA ends suspensions for positive marijuana tests. No, it does not operate as amnesty for previously suspended players.

With Josh Gordon trending on Twitter in the wake of the news that the CBA has been ratified, it’s important to remember that the old rules regarding reinstatement will still apply going forward. So if a player, like Gordon, already is serving an indefinite banishment for violating the old substance-abuse policy, the new policy doesn’t automatically bring him back.

He’ll still have to apply, and the Commissioner will still have “sole discretion” to decide what to do, under procedures that don’t even set a deadline for making a decision.

And if Gordon gets back, the rules that apply to all other players (no suspension for positive tests) will not apply to Gordon. By the plain terms of the policy, any violations of the policy committed by a player who has been reinstated can result in another indefinite suspension.

14 responses to “New CBA won’t automatically reinstate Josh Gordon

  1. For as crazy as this guy has been for not being able to stay off the weed it would be criminal not to allow him to play now.
    This guy needs the structure of a team in his life. Hoping Goodell does the right thing.

  2. If the Seahawks had him at the end of the year maybe Carroll could have just said the heck with running the ball at all and went full blown air attack. Gordon was Seattles slant superstar along with his crazy amazing half ball finger tip 60 yard diving catch in his last game played before being officially suspended.

  3. It may not retroactively apply, but it feels like it does. With the new tone, rules and feel good atmosphere, He should apply immediately. Hopefully, he gets another shot and can have a successful ending to his second half of his career.

  4. Good. I hope he never plays for any football team again, except if it’s in a prison somewhere.

  5. Josh Gordon should walk into the Commissioner’s office holding his reinstatement in one hand and his other arm around Ricky Williams.

  6. The new CBA doest relinquish the fact he broke the policy when in was being enforced. He doesn’t get a free pass, and deserves the suspension he received.

  7. Of course it doesn’t mean reinstatement…they would have to stop testing for coke.

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