NFL, NFLPA discussing delaying start of free agency

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Now that the Collective Bargaining Agreement has passed, the NFL and the Players Association are moving on to a pressing matter. They are discussing delaying the start of free agency, a source tells PFT.

The legal tampering window is scheduled to open Monday with free agents able to officially sign contracts when the new league year starts Wednesday.

PFT reported last week that the NFL wanted to wait to discuss the matter with the NFLPA until after the vote.

The COVID-19 outbreak would not stop the league from holding free agency as normal. Players just would not visit team facilities — many of which are closed — before signing.

However, the league and its players also have to consider the optics of signing multi-million dollar contracts with all that is going on in the world.

With potentially $700 million in extra spending, players could benefit from a delay in the start of free agency. It will give teams more time to plan for how to spend it.

7 responses to “NFL, NFLPA discussing delaying start of free agency

  1. You also have a captive audience of sports fans with nothing else to watch or follow. The optics of giving a mediocre QB $100 mil is always bad virus or no virus.

  2. This is ridiculous. Coronavirus isn’t nearly as dangerous as the common flu. People are moronic.

  3. Chances are it’s going to be significantly worse two weeks from now than it is today. Are they just going to keep pushing it back forever?

  4. There goes that optics argument again. “With all that’s going on in the world.” Quite literally no one cares other than you that players could be agreeing to terms, everyone would be welcoming the diversion. Seriously what is you guys’ deal over there. Out of 300 million people in the us we have 2600 cases. Also, do you really think Italy is going to throw a fit over Tom Brady signing a billion dollar contract with the Bucs or something? You guys need to chill out, my god.

  5. Remember when the NFL kept playing through the swine flu pandemic in 2009?

    Now you guys want to delay the start of free agency for COVID-19? Really?

  6. I don’t get this question of “optics”. How would they be any worse than normal, considering that people playing a game are getting paid millions of dollars? If anything, it would be WONDERFUL to have some sports item in the news while the rest of the sports world has sacrificed for the public good in shutting down. The optics are unchanged, but I at least would welcome this small bit of entertainment as an oasis in tough times.

  7. I think it would be a welcome distraction. Just eliminate any FA visits and get this thing rolling.

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