Ryan Tannehill, Titans agree to new deal

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Ryan Tannehill isn’t going anywhere.

Shortly after word that the quarterback was close to a new deal with the Titans surfaced on Sunday, Ian Rapoport of NFL Media reported that the two sides have come to an agreement. There’s no word at this time on the terms or structure of the deal.

The deal has a couple of implications for other players. Barring agreement on a long-term deal, the Titans now have little reason not to use the franchise tag on running back Derrick Henry before Monday’s deadline to apply it. That will ensure Henry stays off the market and buy more time for contract talks.

It also almost certainly takes the Titans out of the running for Tom Brady in free agency. The Titans were one of the teams linked to a potential run at Brady, but he’ll now have to look elsewhere if he’s going to leave the Patriots this offseason.

11 responses to “Ryan Tannehill, Titans agree to new deal

  1. With Ryan Tannehill agreeing to a new contract with the Titans, this means he will be playing for the Titans again next season, and won’t in fact be joining another team for the upcoming 2020 season.

  2. Good for Tannehill,.. the Titans,.. and their fans.
    He deserved it after taking the reins and rescuing their season.

  3. Sorry Titans fans, but Tannehill isn’t going to live up to the expectations of this contract. He’s always been an injury prone mediocre quarterback that occasionally flashes a season decent enough to bamboozle management into giving him another try.

  4. Mistake. Not a quarterback who can get you to and win a Super Bowl when you might have to adjust and win in different ways (prior to or during a game) come playoff time.

  5. Makes sense. At this point in their career, Tannehill is better than Brady.

  6. Tannehill is a joke. The Titans will sink back to mediocrity with this blunder.

  7. Big mistake by the Titans. Tannehill is the next Nick Foles — a one year wonder who will never repeat what he did this past season.

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